•Book Review• Devils With Halos by Natalie Bennett!




1. Malevolent

2. Very virulent or infectious.

Charm is deceptive.

We were taken in the middle of the night.

Beauty is deceitful.

They called it an institution for the diseased.

Freedom is an illusion.

Our choices were no longer our own.

Our bodies became their exclusive property.

Our lives no longer mattered.

Survival is subjective.

We’d all done terrible things.

We all had demons.

We all had secrets.

And the truth would destroy everything.

My thoughts 💭


This series seems like it’s going to be good! The first book has me hooked. I want to know all the secrets! Ryker is manipulative and I’m really interested in seeing how everything will turn out. I can’t wait to read Camilla and Bishop’s story!

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