Review: •Her Marine Daddy• by Lee Savino


Marine hottie takes control…

I wasn’t looking for romance. Nothing like a sadistic ex husband to make me run into the arms of my two favorite men (Ben and Jerry). I never expected a hottie like Dane Hutchinson to be into me, much less take control and fulfill my every fantasy.

Then I run into the guy of my dreams. Literally. (I’ve gotta stop rushing around in high heels). He’s the yummiest thing in the coffee shop, and for some reason he’s into ME.

Dane looks like he lifts cars for a workout. Me? I can barely get down to the gym. I try to run, but Fate puts us on a blind date and Dane declares he’s not going to let me get away again. I’ve got my second chance at love…whether I want it or not.

Fun fact: Devil Dogs are a nickname for members of the United States Marine Corps, so dubbed by the Germans in WWII.

Even funner fact: shibari is the Japanese art of bondage, and it turns out getting tied up is my favorite foreplay ever…

Enjoy this sinfully sexy story chock full of Marine-loving goodness.


Originally part of the USA today bestselling ‘Hero to Obey’ boxset, Devil Dog is a standalone novella with smoking hot sex scenes, kink and a sassy heroine who finds a hero who will fight for her. With HEAs x 10 (because this Marine goes above and beyond the call of duty…)

My Thoughts 💭


This was a nice book. Cassandra is going through a divorce. She meets the hot, muscled marine at a coffee shop and sparks and embarrassment fly lol. When they get around to dating they are such a cute couple. I liked how sweet and caring Dane was with Cassie. He knew that she was going through things but he lets her know he’s not going anywhere and he proves it to her. This was an enjoyable, easy read with some hot scenes!

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