Clutch by Jack Davenport review!

Title: Clutch
Series: Burning Saints MC #2
Author: Jack Davenport
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 29, 2018
The Burning Saints Motorcycle Club is the only family Clutch has known, and violence his only stock and trade. Humanity has handed him nothing but pain struggle, and he’s come to expect even less from it. As an orphan, he’s always found it easier to bond with machines than with people. Now his club family is in danger of losing its way, its identity, even its very existence.
Dr. Gina Gardner is newly single, completely unprepared to mingle, and as it turns out, cannot sing and safely operate a motor vehicle at the same time. What she craves is time away to figure out what she wants. What she just might get, however, is a detour to what she needs.
When Clutch and Gina find themselves at the same crossroad will they speed by each other, collide in a fiery crash, or blaze a new trail together?

My thoughts 💭I have to be honest…I didn’t like this book…some parts were okay but I could barely finish. Gina and Clutch had no chemistry to me…I didn’t like Gina. I tried but she got on my last nerve. Clutch was cool and always trying to make it work but Gina was way too whiny for me. She constantly flipped on Clutch for no reason and I couldn’t stand it. Like, you know they’re having issues with a rival club and you just take off and not tell him?! Then you bitch at him when he finds you after he’s been worried for 2 days….WTF!

The new club president Minus seemed wayyy too soft to me. Minus and Clutch didn’t even seem like best friends they seemed more like strangers who are just part of the same club. I felt like Minus’ plans for the club could’ve been handled differently. He didn’t tell anybody what’s going on but he expects everyone to just change with no reasons other than he decided it’s time for a change. Why not explain the money situation to them instead of pissing everyone off having them think you’re just stopping illegal dealings just because times change. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m just gonna say this book wasn’t for me


*Received ARC for honest review

Jack Davenport is a true romantic at heart, but he has a rebel’s soul. His writing is passionate, energetic, and often fueled by his true life, fiery romance with author wife, Piper Davenport. A musician by day, his unique perspective into the world of rock stars provides an exciting backdrop for his new romance series.

He currently lives with his wife and two kids in the top left corner of the United States.


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