The Suit by Kathryn Nolan review!


It’s not every day that a man with a refined English accent and a three-piece suit wanders into Roxy’s tattoo parlor.

More than a little intoxicated, and fresh from a break-up, Edward is eager for some body art to commemorate the occasion.

But Roxy smells trouble.

She knows his type: conservative, corporate banker. Wealthy snob. Infuriatingly charming.

She’s ready to show him the door.

Edward, however, is fascinated by the sassy shop owner. And her scowling expression – and smart mouth – is infinitely more intriguing than a tattoo.

They’re complete and total opposites. Absolutely nothing in common. Except…

Edward and Roxy learn they do share a secret fantasy. And suddenly they’re coming up with a much more improper use for Edward’s fancy tie.

My thoughts 💭This book was hot🔥🔥🔥 the chemistry between Roxy and Edward was crazy! Heartbroken guy gets to have the sex he’s been wanting his whole life after stumbling upon a tatted sex goddess! I loved this quick sexy book I wish there was more!

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