Wicked Nights of Summer Blog Tour!

Title: Wicked Nights Of Summer
Authors: Patricia Mattern, P.T. Macias,
Amanda Kimberley, C.D. Gorri,
J.P. Uvalle, Kim Deister, and Nicole Banks.
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Summer reading just got hotter with the Wicked Nights of Summer anthology! This collection of paranormal romance stories is filled with sexy heroes and hellacious heroines in a tropical setting! Dive into romance with this sizzling boxed set that is guaranteed to set your summer on fire!

Get ready to heat things up with Vampires, Shifters, Angels, Mermaids, Hunters, and more in this sensual boxed set!

*All proceeds go to StandUp For Kids Charity Organization!

Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

“On a private island, a vampire is moonstruck by a stowaway.”

“Baxter hates his new duty, to watch Shasi for the Destroyer. His Wolff needs to claim her drives him insane, even though she’s a Rakshasi demon that shapeshifts. Who’s going to guard his rebellious heart?”

“Some Expeditions are Unknown.”

“He’s looking for his mate. She just wants to have fun. Will Leya and Marcus find their destiny one hot summer night?”

“I’ve Broken the Most Important Rule of Being a Shifter King—Never Fall in Love with the Sacrifice.”

“Two lives turned upside down. Two big secrets. One steamy vacation in the Hawaiian islands. Will Ireland and Sully find what they want most in each other?”

“Both dead on the inside, until a spark ignited a fire they couldn’t outrun. Will they be able to withstand the heat or will they get burned by their flames?”

*All proceeds go to StandUp For Kids Charity Organization!

Amazon Links:

Moonburned: A Private Island Romance by Patricia Mattern

Rebel Heart by P.T. Macias

Uncharted by Amanda Kimberely

Bearly Breathing by C.D. Gorri

Ritual Island by J.P. Uvalle

Sandy Toes by Kim Deister

Awakening by Nicole Banks

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