Release Blitz: Angel’s Lake Box Set: Books 1-3 by Jody Holford

Angel’s Lake Box Set: Books 1-3

by Jody Holford
Publication Date: October 19, 2020
Genres: Adult, Small Town, Contemporary, Romance

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Come visit Angel’s Lake and meet adorable, quirky couples who fumble in and out of each other’s lives until they realize that with the other person is exactly where they’re meant to be.
Forever Christmas features Anna and Sam and a misunderstanding that leads to complications when they fall for each other.
Falling for Home features Lucy and Alex. Alex has loved Lucy since he was twelve years old. World traveler Lucy might just fall hard enough for the town Sheriff to stick around for good.
In Falling For Kate, you’ll meet Elliot and Kate. When Kate steps in to nanny Elliot’s adorable twin daughters, not falling for them will be hard. Not falling for their father, is impossible.

About Jody Holford

I’m a mom and wife first and many things after. I’m a best friend and a regular friend. A daughter, sister, auntie, and a teacher. I am a book lover, a shopper, a pajama-wearer, movie-watcher, worrier, over-thinker, and a wanna-be-good-Samaritan. I’m a Gemini, a nervous talker, and an emotional writer. I am represented by Frances Black of Literary Counsel. Learn more at

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Release Blitz: Taming Her Beast by Shaw Hart

Title: Taming Her Beast 
Author: Shaw Hart 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: Tiaras & Treats #1

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I have a confession.
I’m in love with my best friend.
I have been for years. Ever since we met when we were just kids.

Bella Vermilli.
She is perfection, beautiful inside and out. Every man’s walking wet dream come to life.
Luckily for me, she’s been more focused on starting her business than dating. I don’t know what I would do if I had to watch her with another man.

See, Bella is a beauty and me?

Well, I’m a beast.

Will this Beast will be able to claim his Beauty and give them both their happily ever after?




Shaw Hart is an Amazon best-selling author of contemporary and New Adult romance. She lives in a constant state of motion, chasing after her two children and three dogs.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, watching stand up comedies or crime TV shows. She’s an avid reader, a Pinterest addict, dog lover, tea snob, and a wannabe yogi.


Review: Some Kind Of Monster by Albany Walker

Length: 283 pages

Published: September 17, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Naughty girls need love too.

A beautiful monster, that’s what I am. My packaging is just a little nicer than the creatures you hear about dwelling in your closet.

With three baddies for my mates, things are definitely getting interesting. I think I’ve even convinced them not to kill each other.

But I have a new purpose, someone is hurting our kind. Stealing Charmed magic in arcane rituals that leave my friends drained and dead, and I won’t allow it.

It’s time for them to find out why even the Monsters fear me.

I am the bad guy

Companion novel to Friends with the Monster. RH story with adult themes not recommend for those under 18.

My thoughts 💭

I love Dami and her monsters! Grim is definitely my favorite even if his solution to problems is to end everyone. I enjoyed reading and definitely recommend!

Cover Reveal: The Test by Elena Monroe

Title: The Test
Series: The 4Horsemen #2
Elena Monroe
Genre: Dark Romance
Cover Design: Maria, Steamy Reads
Release Date: November 4, 2020
He was the Golden Boy until she tarnished him… 

I woke up to my roommate and best friend missing. In her place was a note on my bedside table that read: You can only find me with your eyes closed. 
No one thinks a note like that is meant for them. 
I knew it was meant for me, a clue, a way to seek Justice
Whoever left me that note was hoping I didn’t let my parent’s legacy die when they did. They wanted to see what kind of warfare I was capable of. 

Justice before starting a war with the man who wrote the rule book… 
I woke up every day to the same nonsensical bullshit that was my life. 
They say only bad things only happen after dark but I was the exception to every rule. I was bad and I happened whenever I wanted. 
I wanted someone to challenge me, put me in my place, force me to be better than war strategies and hold the audacity to traipse across enemy lines. 
A pink haired receptionist wasn’t my first choice for shaking my resolve. 
I can still smell her but I wanted to know if she’d taste like Victory.

Death before dishonor meant not losing to her…

Answering the phone, I held onto my breath, when I heard an older woman’s voice come through. “So, you’re the guy responsible for her bad attitude.”
A nervous laugh erupted from me. I had never dated anyone long enough to give them the idea that I would want to speak to anyone important to them.
Besides her.
“I’m so glad you called me back…” The Clave mask slipped back into place, polishing all my stained edges in the hopes of impressing her.
“Didn’t give me much of a choice, since you’ve been calling me every day. Is there something I can help you with?” Her voice showed her age, but her mouth was a family heirloom passed down to Justice.
“I love Justice very much. I wanted to express this to you and prove that I deserve her hand in marriage.”
Laughter poured in from the other end of the phone. “You don’t take no for an answer, do you? If she wanted to marry you, I don’t think she would have evacuated LA like a natural disaster was headed her way.”
“Respectfully, no. I don’t lose gracefully.”
“Go on. I’m gonna need to hear you express those feelings,” she said, but not with an iron fist. Her voice sounded tired and worried for Justice.
“Okay… I’m not a great person, but I’m a better person because of her. I want to be good enough to deserve her.”
“Oh, honey, she wasn’t always a good person either and don’t you let her forget it. Wicked girls like her can’t forget to be humble…”

Free in Kindle Unlimited


Elena Monroe grew up in Florida scribbling down stories from a very young age. These stories were really just wavy lines filling the paper, but she knew each word, each emotion, each character’s name, and there was no tricking her into forgetting what each line signified. Just like her unconventional way of writing as a toddler Elena is setting her own rules and just telling stories. 

Much like her debut novel, The Best Years, life certainly imitated art. Transplanting from the South to the East Coast, Elena currently lives in Connecticut with husband, reformed bad boy. 
Find her on her social media through Twitter at @elenamonroe, Instagram at @elenamonroewrites, Facebook at @elenamonroewrites, and more

Release Blitz: Her Billionaire Daddy by Allison West

Her Billionaire Daddy

Western Daddy Doms
by Allison West
Publication Date: October 13, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

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He owns the hottest lifestyle club in all of New York City. It’s secretive, exclusive, and caters to Daddy Doms.
Romance author, Samantha Bellamy, is shocked when she attends a book signing and runs into her high school crush, Martin Taylor.
He’s a billionaire with a secret. He’s owner of an exclusive club for Daddy Doms and littles to openly explore the lifestyle.
He’s also notorious for his playboy personality, bedding a new woman every night.
There’s a deal to be made worth potentially billions and Martin can’t let it get away. The only problem is the board of directors doesn’t like his playboy persona.
He offers Samantha the deal of a lifetime. Marry him for eighteen months and receive two million dollars for her trouble. The only catch, no sex.
Oh, and she has to call him Daddy!
Publishers Note: This is the first book in the sizzling hot new series, Western Daddy Doms. Each book features a different Daddy and can be read independently, with a guaranteed HEA and no cliff-hanger ending!

About Allison West

Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in BDSM, Science Fiction, Victorian, and Historical Erotica. She also writes young adult novels under the name Ruth Silver.
Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read.

Website | Newsletter | Amazon | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Bookbub | Pinterest | Blushing Books

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Release Blitz: Copper by K Webster


Royal Bastards MC: Tulsa, OKby K WebsterPublication Date: October 13, 2020Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark MC Romance

Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Apple Books | Eden Books

I’m a Fed.Rigid. Rule follower. One of the good guys.I uphold the law…when it suits me.My loyalty lies first with my brother, Koyn, and secondly with his motorcycle club.Jeremy Koynakov was the man I used to be.I’m Copper now.For a decade, I aided my brother in his quest for revenge.We thirsted for vengeance. Hunted the villains together. Killed when necessary.He finally found some semblance of peace in a mouthy pageant girl, and all was right in our screwed-up world.But a certain blonde within our ranks ruined everything.Tried to wreck our home, our lives, and our freedom.She betrayed us.Because of me.It’s my responsibility to deal with this little storm who was set on destroying our world.I could end her. It’d be easier. Simple and clean.But that’s not the MC way.We pride ourselves on being brutal and messy.For a man who’s spent the better part of ten years, aching to make those suffer who’ve wronged my family, it’s a simple choice: Take her. Punish her. Make her pay.I’m done following rules.That time of my life is over.I’ll finally patch in and become how I’ve been groomed to be.I’m ready to embrace this new life where I’m not a good guy…Every villain needs a pet.And she just became mine.

About K. Webster

K Webster is a USA Today Bestselling author. Her titles have claimed many bestseller tags in numerous categories, are translated in multiple languages, and have been adapted into audiobooks. She lives in “Tornado Alley” with her husband, two children, and her baby dog named Blue. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, drinking copious amounts of coffee, and researching aliens.

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Cover Reveal: One Second After Another by Bethany-Kris


by Bethany-Kris
Cover Credits: London Miller
The After Another Trilogy, book #3
Publication Date: November 9, 2020
Genres: Adult, Romantic Suspense, Crime Thriller, Organized Crime


There’s only one way this can end …

Penny Dunsworth isn’t hiding.

Not anymore. An assassin turned legend, AWOL from her organization and hunted from all sides, nothing is going to stop her from finishing what she started. By the time she’s done with The Elite, no truth will be left untold, and maybe—just maybe—she can go back …

That is if she can make it out alive.

Luca Puzza only wanted to help.

His obsession with the white ghost has left him alone, estranged from his own world and family, and in constant danger. That doesn’t mean he’s going to give up. Besides, if he found her once, then he can do it again. And this time, he won’t be the one letting her go.

There’s too much on the line to fail.

She dares to wish for a life after pain. He dares to think they could have it. But it only takes one second for everything to change—one mistake could end it all.

Some say legends never die.

But what happens when they do?


NOTE: One Second After Another is book 3 in the After Another trilogy. It follows the same couple – Luca and Penny – from present to past, and back again. The books must be read in order. Be warned, the trilogy discusses a subject that may be triggering.

Rain clung to the streets of Brooklyn. Penny avoided the rivulets of water dripping from the eaves of buildings when she dared to stop underneath one as best she could.

The black windbreaker she wore did nothing to keep the wetness from seeping through to her clothes and skin underneath. Despite the chill in the air and the raindrops plastering what white-blonde strands of her hair managed to escape from beneath the jacket’s hood, she didn’t shiver.

Really, she barely felt it at all.

The discomfort was a comfort. Something else she was used to now. A constant sense of unrest—that nothing was right or good in a real way. A little bit of water wasn’t going to make it any better or worse.


Penny’s gaze swept the quiet Brooklyn street, thankful that the rain had decided to fall despite the weather forecast giving only a fifty-fifty chance of showers. It cleared the streets of almost everyone who didn’t need to be on them for one reason or another. With the sun starting to fall beyond the view of the high buildings, darkness had finally begun to creep through the streets.

She felt safe.

Or safer.

At least, to be out and about like she was. With barely twelve hours on the ground in New York, Penny had to start moving fast. Part of her plan had been put into motion the second she opened up the safe in her hotel room. It was where she kept several sets of fake identification, a burner phone—one The League didn’t know about—and cash she stacked up. She was running on a limited timeline to get certain things done before someone came looking for her.

Someone like The League.

Or The Elite.

If they hadn’t already.

Penny was a lot of things, but stupid wasn’t one of them. She was neither ignorant, nor arrogant. Certainly not enough of one or the other to think that her decision to go AWOL from her handlers would be met with sighs of resignation and little else.

And shit.

The Elite was already hunting her. Might as well make it worth it.

Stepping out from under the entrance of an apartment building, rain splattered against Penny’s face as she started her walk again. Cabs were an option if she cared to hail or call one. There was something to be said for walking, though.

Like the fact it let her think. She hadn’t been doing that enough lately. Well, not for herself, anyway.

Time to do that.

It wasn’t as though Penny was just walking to walk—she did have a purpose for being on the streets of Brooklyn in the middle of a cold rain while the sun crept lower and lower with every passing minute. That purpose became clear when she slipped into an alley two blocks away from the last place she stopped.

A car waited there.

The two-door Lexus coup flicked on its lights—once, and then twice, as was agreed upon—illuminating her wet figure in the mouth of the alley. Penny wasted no time slipping further down the alley to the passenger side of the car. Had it been less wet outside, she wouldn’t even have bothered with getting inside the vehicle.

Instead, she slipped into the passenger seat and shoved her hood back to expose the fishtail braid flipped over her shoulder that kept most of her hair out of her face. The guy sitting in the driver’s seat didn’t even turn to give her a hello, let alone a look.

“It’s in the back,” Carson told her.


“Anything you asked for. I made a list.”

Penny rolled her eyes, but smiled, too. “You made a list?”

“You made it clear when you called that this was important. I didn’t want to miss anything. Not really good for business, you know?”

She did.

All too well.

Penny found the black duffle bag in the backseat like Carson promised. The independent contractor didn’t really have a specific job—he was known to do many things as long as the pay was good and came through. He’d do it without much talk, and he didn’t sell information when the chance was on the market, so to speak. She only knew of the guy through other assassins at The League who used him on occasion when in the New York area.

Or Jersey.

Vermont, too.

Carson was flexible.

He also wasn’t owned. By anyone. Penny liked that a lot more.

Dropping the duffle bag on her lap, Penny yanked open the zipper and spread the top apart to see what was inside. Carson hadn’t lied. A pile of burner phones, a small laptop, phone cards and more stared back at her. Sticking her hand into the bag, she moved things aside to find the wigs she asked for. There was also a case of FX makeup, a forty-five millimeter and nine with ammo and a silencer … and finally, antibiotics, a few knives, and a particular obsidian blade with a soft touch handle setting on top of new cargo pants and other black clothing.

Penny closed the bag. “It’s all there, thanks.”

Carson shot her a look, his tattooed hands never leaving the steering wheel when he asked, “Did you expect anything different?”

“Some of it was unusual.”

Like the makeup. And the specific knife she had wanted.

The man only chuckled, asking, “Yeah, I thought so, too. What, are you going to war or on a stage?”

“Maybe both.”

Anything was possible now.

In the inner pocket of her windbreaker, Penny pulled out an envelope that was only a little damp from the rain. She passed it over to the man in the driver’s seat. His payment that he took without as much as a thank you, not that she expected acknowledgment for their business together.

This was how it worked. They saw nothing. Knew nothing. Said nothing.

But just in case …

“If anyone asks,” Penny said when she reached for the door handle to exit the vehicle, “you didn’t see the white ghost in New York. It won’t end well for you if you bring up my name to anyone. Understood?”

Carson lifted one shoulder, unbothered but still recognizing that she warned him. “You know, I don’t usually work with people who make it a habit to threaten me, Penny.”

So be it.

Except …

Penny laughed as she stepped out of the vehicle, calling back into the man, “I’m not the one you’ll have to worry about seeing the threat through, though. Keep it in mind.”

There were always worst monsters waiting in the wings. Penny was only one of them.

She closed the door. The last thing she saw from the man was red taillights as he pulled out of the alleyway. That was fine with her.

One thing done.

She was one second closer to ending it all …


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Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

To keep up-to-date with new releases from Bethany-Kris, sign up to her New Release Newsletter here:

WebsiteBlogTwitterFacebookInstagramBookbubGoodreadsPinterestMailing ListAmazon Author Page

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Blog Tour: Talk Nerdy To Me by Allie York

Title: Talk Nerdy To Me
Series: Words For Nerds #2 
Author: Allie York 
Genre: Romantic Comedy 

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Rae Stewart

Talented. Fierce. On top of the world.

Life couldn’t be better.

My gaming channel is number one, my sponsors keep coming and that’s just my online persona. In the real world, I’ve got some of the best friends ever.

I’ve got all I could ever want.

August Ryan

Determined. Competitive. Tired of coming in second place.

For months I’ve been competing with the hottest and most talented gamer girl for number one. Not even teaming up with her can get me that coveted top spot.

So I’m pulling out all the stops and taking this online competition into real life.

When two worlds collide, Rae finds a new happiness that she didn’t know she was missing but August isn’t so lucky.

Is there a future for these two rivals or will August be lost in a past he can’t leave behind?


“I know who you are.” He drops casually as we walk side by side. Each of his steps is two of mine, but I manage to keep up. I side-step a little closer to get a nose full of super hot man smell. He smells like the woods, and soap, and sexiness. I’m screwed.

“Oh? And who am I?” I get a small knot in my stomach. I do occasionally get a fan in Words for Nerds, but this guy knowing me is enough to make me a little nervous.

“RaeGun. The pro gamer. I saw you win the Forever Quest tourney last year.” August keeps walking, but I stop. “What? Too much?” He turns to give me a sly smirk.

“Too much? Nah. That’s me.” I admit, still not moving from where I stopped a few feet behind him.

“What? I don’t look like a gaming enthusiast?” August gestures to himself and I drag my eyes from his shaggy brown hair to his gray Converse. Us nerds love Chuck Taylor.

“Not really. Do I?” I step back a little and hold my arms out, doing a quick spin. My shirt has an N64 controller on it, and I look every bit like the gamer I am.

“No way. I’d never guess if I hadn’t seen your win on Glitch. The shirt, the attitude, the earrings, none of that gave it away.” I reach up and touch my Triforce studs. August laughs.

“I like your sarcasm. It makes you even hotter.” I laugh with him and catch up to where he stands.

“I do what I can in that department.” He makes it to the door a beat before me and turns to face me, making me crane my neck to look up at him.

“It’s working for you. Congrats.” He takes a step toward me and I meet his gaze. “Is this the part where I give you my number?” I reach for my back pocket and pull out a pen.

“Are we going old school here? I left my phone in the car.” He extends his hand and I take it in mine.

“Your phone? Why would I need that? This has been the only way to exchange numbers since the beginning of time.” I write my number on the back of his hand and he watches intently. When I’m done, he studies the number.

“Obviously I was mistaken about needing my phone. This method of number collection is far superior.” He nods and reaches to rest his hand on the door. “Does the three day rule still apply?” He looks down at me, dead serious.

“Three day rule? This is a nineties edition number exchange, not a fifties. Are you secretly sixty? You don’t look a day over forty-five.” I try to look confused.

“Busted. You caught me and I’m far too old for you. This is a bad idea.” He laughs.

“Yeah, so we’re super lame. Anyway, call me. It was nice to meet you, August.” I lean and push the door open for him.

“Likewise. Lame is a great way to describe this entire encounter. I’m usually more smooth, but you caught me off my A game.” He steps toward the open door and I try not to shiver in the crisp night air.

“I’ll expect better lines when you call. Have a good night.”

“You too, Rae.” And with that, he steps into the night and I watch him walk to his car.    



Allie is a mom to five boys, wife, and dog groomer by day. And a writer in the pre-dawn hours. She loves sappy romance, sci-fi, coffee, and anything furry with four legs.


Instagram: @ayorkwrites



Twitter: @AllieYorkWrites


Blog Tour: Love Surreptitiously by Tarrah Anders

Title: Love Surreptitiously
Author: Tarrah Anders 
Genre: Forbidden/Office Romance

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Sidney Matthews life is in turmoil. She just learned the big promotion she’s been working towards isn’t going to happen. So, what’s a girl to do except drown her sorrows in a bottle and talk to strangers on the train about her woes? It’s cheaper than therapy after all.  


Quinlan Montgomery’s life has been turned upside down. He just moved across the country to be closer to family and is starting a new job as editor-in-chief for a popular magazine. When he meets an alluring and very candid woman on the train, he’s instantly drawn to her beauty and honesty.  


Nobody is more shocked than Quinlan on his first day in the office when he sees the girl from the train again. Except maybe her. Sydney’s his employee. He’s her new boss. And that means their relationship has to be kept a secret.  


But what happens when one secret becomes many? Will their connection unravel as their secrets come to light? Or can they find a way to trust one another and rebuild the relationship? 




I am a contemporary romance author who is all about the feels, with the twists of sexy mixed in between. I have been writing since before I can remember.  Writing has always been a passion, that was kept it under wraps, stayed on the back-burner and never vocalized or followed through with my desire to be a writer, until I read a horrible book and thought: ‘I could do better than that!’

I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but living in beautiful San Diego with my little family while working during the day as a social worker working with the homeless.

My writing style is that I try to write realistic characters and situations. I want my books to be relatable and not to create too many eye rolls.

Thematically, the novels are friends to lovers, random hook-ups and office romances mixed with a whole lot of fun in the middle.


Cover Reveal: Tainted Love by Jaimie Roberts

Title: Tainted Love 
Author: Jaimie Roberts
Genre: Dark Romance/Taboo 
Cover Design: Francessca Wingfield.

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At one time you were my reason to breathe,

So immersed in our love, I’m forbidden to leave.

What was once so innocent, we infected with lies,

Sucked deep into the darkness, I can no longer rise.

Troubled souls we are, but I cannot break away,

So loyal to you, I choose to stay.

But I’m harbouring a secret that will tear us apart,

My feelings so strong, I keep following my heart.

One day my betrayal will be revealed,

And that day grows closer with each lie concealed.

I know you will kill whoever gets in your way,

And for that reason alone, I should never stay.

My body is yours, but it will never be enough,

Forever trapped I am in our tainted love.

Warning: This book is filled with triggers. However, if that little imp inside you still wants to read it, then 1-click that bitch, put your feet up with a glass of wine (cos you’re going to need at least one), and enjoy this helluva ride!


Jaimie Roberts was born in London, but moved to Gibraltar in 2001. She is married with two sons, and in her spare time, she writes.
In June 2013, Jaimie published her first book, Take a Breath, with the second released in November 2013. With the reviews, Jaimie took time out to read and learn how to become a better writer. She gets tremendous enjoyment out of writing, and even more so from the feedback she receives.