Release Blitz/ARC Review: Sweet Little Nothing by LK Farlow

Title: Sweet Little Nothing
Author: LK Farlow
Genre: New Adult Bully/
Enemies-to-Lovers Romance

Release Date: March 18, 2021

My fall from grace was one for the books. All it took was his word against mine for everything to topple.

Liar. Slut. Snitch.
Now, I wear my shame like a scarlet letter pinned to my chest.
People say I ruined his life. Except, he’s the one who irrevocably broke me—my heart, my body, my soul…my will to live.
Like a little coward, she thinks the span of five states is enough to keep her safe. But I know where she is and I’m going to make her pay.
She ruined my best friend’s life. Now…I’m going to ruin her.
One by one, I’ll spill her secrets, until she has nowhere left to turn—except to me, her very own big, bad wolf.
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“Waiting for your next victim?” a cool, dark voice asks from my left.

“What do you want?” I ask without turning around. His voice alone sends shivers down my spine. God only knows what seeing his smug smile and sharp jaw would do to me right now.
Stupidly, I let my guard down tonight. Every single fiber of my being is telling me to run, but I refuse—partly because the thought of making a scene in front of all of these people has my skin feeling tight and itchy, and also because I refuse to give him the satisfaction of seeing me run away… again.
Sterling leans in, his breath tickling my neck and his body warming mine. “I’m just saying. Dressed the way you are, you must be looking for a good time. And I can’t help but wonder…” He trails off, skimming his nose down the column of my throat before scraping his teeth against the sensitive flesh where my neck and shoulder meet.
“Stop it!” I pray for my voice to come out firm and commanding, but seeing as God abandoned me long ago, I sound raw and needy. Which is a lie. I am a lot of things in regard to Sterling Abbot—angry, frustrated, hurt—but definitely not needy.
I try to shoulder-check him, but he bands an arm around my waist and pulls me in closer, bringing my back flush with his front. The feel of our bodies pressed together has my heart slamming against my ribs as arousal and disgust battle for dominance inside of me.
Judging from my roiling gut and damp panties, it’s a tie.
“I don’t really think you mean that, little mouse.”
My thoughts 💭
I liked this book. It does touch on some sensitive subjects so beware. Emmy thinks she’s getting a fresh start but someone wants to make sure that doesn’t happen and that she pays for her sins. Sterling was so frustrating but he got better as the story went on. I liked Emmy, I thought she was a little naive but super sweet. The supporting characters were amazing and gave Emmy the type of surroundings she needed. I recommend this book.
LK Farlow (A.K.A Kate) is a small town girl with a love for words. She’s been writing stories for as long as she can remember. A Southern girl through and through, Kate resides in beautiful, sunny LA–that’s Lower Alabama, y’all–with her amazing husband and four rambunctious children. When she’s not writing, you can find her snuggled up on the couch watching car shows while she crochets or with her nose in a book.

Cover Reveal: His One True Mate by Miranda Lynn

Title: His One True Mate
Series: The Night Shift #1
Author: Miranda Lynn
Genre: Shifter/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 27th 

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He’s a billionaire tech genius. She’s a trauma therapist. Together they’ll fight the demons of the past for survival.


After centuries of hiding from humanity, Leo Lancaster can’t deny his shifter side any longer. His lion’s drive to find a mate sends him on a journey across the globe. He has only just begun his travels when she walks by in her heels and signature pencil skirt. Convincing her is another matter.


Katrina Denmark has run from a past that is determined to destroy her. Overcoming her fears she uses that experience to help others. When she meets Leo again her lioness rolls over and offers herself up on a platter. Feelings Katrina Kept bottled up roar to life as the deranged monster from her past finally catches up to her.


Will Leo arrive in time to save his mate from certain death. Will Katrina be able to face all the demons of her past to finally live the life destined for her.



Escaping reality one book at a time has been Miranda‘s motto since she learned to read. As an only child raised on a dairy farm her creative imagination brought words to life. She devoured more books growing up than her little town bookmobile could handle. It was inevitable that she would turn from reading them to writing them. This is her way to help not only herself but others escape the day to day drudge. Her books may take you on a journey through time, give you a look inside a fantasy realm, or delve into the magic of almost anything paranormal. Threading in heart stopping romance and dropping an occasional super sexy scene just to keep you on your toes.
Miranda‘s stories are focused around strong female leads and sexy males who appreciate them. She strives to encourage her readers that they can have it all in real life too.
You can find her most days either subbing at the local high school or tucked away in her office working on the next story with a cup of java in her hand. She loves connecting with her readers online as well as in real life so make sure to find her on Facebook and check out where she will be signing throughout the year on her website.


Pre-Order now! Brightly Burning Bridges by Ivy Wild

Title: Brightly Burning Bridges
Series: Kings of Capital Series (stand alone)
Author: Ivy Wild
Genre: Enemies to Lovers ~ Bully Romance ~ Second Chance
Release Date: April 2, 2021 
Cover Consultant: @ofsomanyfeels
Cover Model: Santiago Ferrari
Cover Photographer: Jarno Boom


He wasn’t my friend until he became my enemy.
His center is freezing cold,
and his edges burn me when I get too close.
He is everything I want and nothing I am.
They say not to burn bridges,
but he burned ours to the ground.
She is the girl who wants to be seen,
but hates being noticed.
She was my friend, my tease, my confidant.
She is pure light against all my darkness.
The reason you burn down bridges,
is to build them up stronger.
Brightly Burning Bridges is a standalone romance and part of the Kings of Capital series.

Writer of all things untamed, romantic and free, Ivy Wild never planned on becoming a romance novelist. In fact, she hated romance as a kid and was quite proud of that fact. Basically, life is weird.

Married to her own alpha hero, she currently lives in various places of the world at various times thanks to his military career.

Her current side hustle is being a lawyer.


Release Blitz: I Touch My Shelf by Allie York

Title: I Touch My Shelf
Series: Words for nerds #3
Author: Allie York
Genre: Romantic Comedy
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I’m Tuesday Owenby and I have a secret. I work at the best comic shop in the south, my friends are the dorkiest, and I’ve been in love with my best friend’s brother since I was ten. But that’s not what I’m hiding. I’m also my crush’s favorite author and no one knows.
I’m Leo Stewart and I have two focuses in my life. My little sister, Rae and running the only bookstore in town. After our parents died, I raised Rae alone and that came with the price of my social life. I work, look after her, and repeat. Now that my little sister is an adult, maybe it’s time for me to focus on myself, and my lifelong attraction to her best friend.
Will a secret end their romance, or will it be one for the books?



About Allie

Allie is a mom to five boys, wife, and dog groomer by day. And a writer in the pre-dawn hours. She loves sappy romance, sci-fi, coffee, and anything furry with four legs.

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Instagram: @ayorkwrites
Twitter: @AllieYorkWrites

Release Blitz: Exposed by Jasmine Bell

Title: Exposed
Series: Palace Scandal #1
Author: Jasmine Bell
Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM



Having weathered a few storms as well as heartaches throughout his life, Alex has devoted his life to his beloved Astoria. He only indulges his carnal desires at Luxe, the underground sex club. It’s the place where he can truly let himself go and not be ruled by obligation. Especially in the arms of his mysterious sub.
Finally free from an abusive relationship, Bethany Sinclair only feels safe when she gives the reins of her body to the mysterious Dom she meets regularly at Luxe. His dominant streak perfectly compliments her submissive side. And even when she discovers who really is, she cannot stop herself from falling into his arms every chance she gets.
Alex suddenly finds himself thrust into the limelight as the heir to the throne of Astoria, the last thing he needs is a romantic scandal. Bethany Sinclair has been hired by his mother, the queen, as her stylist. An affair between the two of them is not the kind of scandal anyone needs.
Can they both overcome the obstacles bound to test their very existence to find the happily ever after that desperately needs, yearn for?


What early readers are saying.

The interaction and chemistry between Alex and Bethany kept me turning the pages until the very last page! ~ PatW on BookBub

Sizzling from the very first paragraph all the way to the last sentence! ~ KC Freeman, Romance Author



He hung up and pocketed his phone. It was as if he was on auto-pilot as he advanced toward Beth. “You look gorgeous.”

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. It wasn’t how he pictured her outside of their Dom/sub relationship. The leather, the stilettos all spoke of a strong and independent woman. He couldn’t deny that it turned him on just as much as the little sub she hid beneath all the clothing and make-up.

“Alex, what are you doing.” She narrowed her eyes and straightened her shoulders as if being less submissive would put him off.

Quite the contrary. Many subs were in control in their daily life. The bedroom was the one place they could allow someone else to take the reins. And it was best that he remembered that. They were compatible in the bedroom, and nowhere else. She had a career that slightly conflicted with his life. They would never work in the real world. Not that he was thinking that way. The last thing he needed was to make their encounter anything more than it actually was. They had good sex and he could see her being a friend. But that was it. Nothing more.

She didn’t lower her eyes or make any attempt to change her posture. He couldn’t help himself. He needed to touch her. He twirled a finger in her long hair. “I didn’t expect you to be this much of a turn on in real life.”

Even he recognised the drop in the tone of his voice. Immediately her eyes dropped and he realised the kind of power he had over her. And the responsibility that went with it. Fear took hold of him at the same time a panic flashed in her eyes. He dropped his hand from her hair but never took his eyes off her.

Beth visibly shook away whatever bothered her and lifted her chin. “Take that shirt off. You’re not going to observe a minute’s silence for your grandfather in a sex rumpled shirt.

She stepped away from him and walked over to one of the built in wardrobes. He did as she said and took off his shirt.

Beth turned around holding a dark grey cashmere sweater and gasped. He couldn’t ignore the way she was looking at his body. It wasn’t simply admiring something she found attractive. No, what he saw was more covetous. And fuck, that had him instantly hard. The knowledge that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, was hotter than the visual of her on her knees in front of him. And that was plenty hot. In two strides he was in front of her. He took the sweater from her and tossed it onto a nearby chair. His hand cupped her head and he brought his lips to hers.

As usual, as soon as their lips met, the rest of the world disappeared. Having Beth in his arms felt right. The world made sense when their bodies melded together. He pulled her closer and allowed her to feel how aroused he was.

Her hands snaked around his waist and up his back, her fingernails digging into his muscle. On a groan she opened her mouth to him and their tongues collided. She took as much as she gave, not at all submissive. He pushed her back until she hit up against the side of a dresser. His first thought was to lift her up to sit on it while he fucked her, then changed his mind. Instead, he flipped her around and bent her over the piece of furniture. “Stretch your arms over and hold the edge.”



Jasmine Bell lives at the beach with her delightful Dom and their little pack of puppies. She loves getting lost in fictional worlds which is why her stories are set on the fictional island of Astoria.


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Release Blitz: Lost Lust by Ember Davis

Title: Lost Lust
Series: Wanderlust Book 1
Author: Ember Davis
Genre: Contemporary Romance




There is no way I’m letting another woman into my life. They’re trouble and heartbreak in a beautiful package.

Then why can’t I get a certain purple headed woman out of my mind? Damn it. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t give someone the power to hurt me again. I certainly won’t let another woman be taken down by the curse on the men in my family.

I closed myself off, tricking myself into believing I was happy the way it was. I didn’t even know she would be able to pry open my heart so easily. Open is not a way anyone would describe me; gruff, grumpy, and aloof are more like it. Violet changed it all.

Now, how can I make her put down roots and stay? Did I realize what she means to me too late?


There’s always been an unsettled part of me. The part that wants to roam and be free. My mama called it wanderlust and made me promise I’d never leave.

With her death, freedom rushes through. Like most of my plans, this one doesn’t go quite the way I was hoping for. A broken-down car and a stretch of road somewhere in Texas means I need to see what right here has to offer. At least for a little while.

Adler changed it all. He makes that wanderlust feel like roots, but he pushes me away and locks me out. I knew when I saw him that he’s the one but maybe continuing my journey is best. For everyone.

But then…let’s just say that when a man like Adler puts his mind to something, he is a force of nature. He goes after my heart and for the first time I’m not lost, I’m found.

**18+. If you like alpha heroes and an insta-love story that is sweet but isn’t necessarily simple, then this is for you. This story is safe, no cheating, guaranteed HEA. This is a standalone and the first in the Wanderlust series.**




Ember Davis loves alpha heroes with a range of emotions, but a strong sense of how to take care of their women.  She loves her heroines from all walks of life, just like her heroes, and she wants them to be real and relatable.  Her heroines tend to be sassy, opinionated and smart.

Ember is a stay at home mom of two who recently refound her love of books and all things romance and is so glad that she did.  She’s always been creative but writing and creating stories that she would love to read that satisfies the dreams she had as a little girl.  She loves butterflies, the color purple and enjoying time with her family. 

Pssst…it’s totally a pen name, but everything above is 100% true.

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Release Blitz: Marked By The Predator by Milana Jacks

Marked by the Predator

by Milana Jacks
Publication Date: February 27, 2021
Genres: Adult, Sci-Fi, Romance

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My exciting vacation gets a little too exciting when my ship blows up, and my escape pod lands on an alien planet filled with a predator species. They’re barely civilized, not a translator chip in sight, and there’s no mistaking the way they drool when they stalk me.
I gravitate toward the one that could eat me whole in two bites, give or take. Impossibly huge, black hair, pale eyes. His follow-your-nose greeting makes me blush, but at least he seems to want to keep me safe.
But tribal law decrees I’m the prize in a series of deadly games. To claim me, he must win. If he loses, I’m food.

About Milana Jacks

Milana grew up with tales of water fairies that seduced men, vampires that seduced women, and Babaroga who’d come to take her away if she didn’t eat her bean soup. She writes dominant monsters and heroines who can handle their charming personalities from her home on Earth where she lives with her mate and their three little monsters. Her speciality is dystopian science fiction romance for grown ups.

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Bookbub | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Goodreads

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Blog Tour: The Heart Of Love by B.J. Reddy

Title: The Heart Of Love 

Author: B.J. Reddy 

Genre: Erotic Romance 

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For so long, it has been assumed that women had no power where sex is concerned: They were there just to please their men and would not, or could not, have the power of their men. That was never true, but only women knew that. This book proves to the disbelievers that women are equal in passion and power and can gain sexual pleasure on their own terms. Of those that read this book, women should be empowered, men should be grateful. It is not only an erotic book it has strong characters and great story lines that bring the characters to life: you may identify with one or more of them; you may even see a friend or family member that maybe going through something similar to the characters. Make no mistake this book is full of sexual exploits and activities that some people may find over the top, but they aren’t. Read this book by yourself in comfortable and conducive surroundings or with someone you love or maybe someone you would like to love: It may be just what you need. Whichever choice you decide upon ENJOY IT —YOU WILL


Blog Tour: Heartburn by Tarrah Anders

Title: Heartburn: An Everyday Heroes World Novel 
Author: Tarrah Anders
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Tarrah Anders’s HEARTBURN is a hot, emotional and sexy second chance romance written in K. Bromberg’s the Everyday Heroes Worlds project.

Kindra Mason was the one in the family that no one thought would amount to anything, except she did. Growing up, she would endlessly cause trouble from sneaking out with her high school sweetheart, blowing up mail boxes to stealing from the local stores. Upon barely scraping by graduation, her family cut her off and she left Sunnyville in hopes that a change of scenery would make her a better person.

When she got on her own, she realized that she wanted to show everyone that she could do better, that she could be better. And she did, but she didn’t tell anyone.

She has two things planned as soon as she gets home:

1. Rid herself of the title of ‘black sheep.
2. Get Rogan Quinn, the love of her life, to fall in love with her all over again.

But Rogan won’t let go of the past when it comes to her. Can she make him see that she’s changed?



About Tarrah 

Tarrah Anders is a contemporary romance author who is all about the feels, with the twists of sexy mixed
in between. Writing has always been a passion and Tarrah loves to share her words, her characters and
the world that they live in with her readers. Tarrah enjoys creating characters that you can be friends
with, so get ready to make some new friends.
She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, but living in beautiful San Diego with her family, while
working in Program Management within the social work field.

Release Blitz: The Devil’s Vengeance by Bella J.

Title: The Devil’s Vengeance
Series: Vows & Vengeance Duet #2
Author: Bella J.
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: February 22, 2021

I knew I’d never have the luxury of choosing my own wife. An arranged marriage was a sacrifice men in my position had to make for their families. It wasn’t something I looked forward to, but it had to be done.
I just never imagined my father would choose her to be my bride. Daniela Moretti, the daughter of my enemy…and I intended to treat her as such.
But since the day she set foot in my house as my wife, my loathing of her turned into something deadlier than hate. Her strength intrigued me. Her fight seduced me. And I started seeing more in her than just dirty, filthy Moretti blood.
Now…she’s gone. Kidnapped. Vanished without a trace.
But the devil always finds what’s his, and when I do, my thirst for vengeance will be sated by blood.
Please note that The Devil’s Vengeance is book 2 in the Vows and Vengeance duet, and should be read after The Devil’s Vow.

Free in Kindle Unlimited
Free in Kindle Unlimited
All the way from Cape Town, South Africa, Bella J lives for the days when she’s able to retreat to her writer’s cave where she can get lost in her little pretend world of romance, love, and insanely hot bad boys.

Bella J is a Hybrid Author with both Self-Published and Traditional Published work. Even though her novels range from drama, to comedy, to suspense, it’s the dark, twisted side of romance she loves the most.
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