Review: Crayson by Xyla Turner

Published: December 18, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Crayson and Nikita experience a traumatic event as a police officer and a black woman. It was not good, it went viral and seven years later they deal with the aftermath.

He was looking for atonement and he thought he found it, until seven years later. Nikita lands right in his lap, but she wants NOTHING to do with him. Neither of them believes in coincidences, but will they explore how the event has shaped them or pursue more of who they could be as a unit?

If you’re a Xyla Turner reader, you know that she pushes the envelope with the unlikeliest characters to press their way to love. Give it a try. You might be surprised.

BONUS: Read the first chapter of the upcoming novel, James: Across the Aisle Series.

My thoughts 💭

This was an interesting book. Crayson and Nikita were cute. Crayson didn’t care about how they first met just how they were going to go further. He knew what he wanted and was willing to go for it. Nikita wasn’t expecting their spark to be so strong and even though she was nervous she was all in. I enjoyed their story and definitely recommend!

Cover Reveal: The Essence Of You by J.A. Owenby

The Essence of You

by J.A. Owenby
Publication Date: March 19, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Sometimes it’s sweeter to surrender.

My life is going in the right direction.

Good friends.

Good school.

Bright future.


One night.

One look.

One guy.

And just like that my nightmare and everything I tried to forget comes roaring back.

Layne Garrison—stormy grey eyes, bully, the guy who made my life hell in high school is suddenly there, in front of me, in the same town, the same college, and I can’t shake him.

But the darkness never stays neatly tucked away when I learn the reasons that dumped me in foster care.

Will I lose the only man I’ve ever loved, or will my past ruin my future as well?

An enemies-to-lovers standalone with an HEA and no cliffhanger.

About J.A. Owenby

J.A. Owenby lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and cat.

She’s a published author of six short stories, and she is currently working on her fourth full-length novel. She also runs her own business as a professional resume writer and interview coach–she helps people find jobs they love.

J.A. is an avid reader of thrillers, romance, new adult, and young adult novels. She loves music, movies, and good wine. And call her crazy, but she loves the rainy Pacific Northwest; she gets her best story ideas while listening to the rain pattering against the windows in front of the fireplace.

Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Reader Group | Amazon | Goodreads | Bookbub | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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Review: Bad For Me by Shanora Williams

Length: 450 pages

Published: November 26, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


There’s a myth that floats around in my city.

They say the president of the local biker gang is ruthless, heartless, and that once you cross him, you’ll spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder.

There are whispers that he was once lost in a forest, and when he was found, he was surrounded by a pack of wolves that were protecting him.

Many will tell you he’d never let his guard down for a woman, and that if he ever did, it would be bad for her.

The one thing this city doesn’t know about me is that I’m not your average woman. I’m a fighter, and when someone messes with my family, I will fight, and when my freedom is stolen, I will do whatever it takes to get it back.

When I’m done with him, the rumors will come to an end because I’ll be the woman who tamed this infamous biker president.

I’ll be the woman who, in the end, was bad for him.

My thoughts 💭

I enjoyed this book. Nova is a strong female and I loved her. I would’ve liked to know what Wolf was thinking sometimes though. He did come through for Nova when I thought all hope was lost. I enjoyed how the story unfolded and the twists and turns.

Review: Havoc Of Souls by S J Sanders

Length: 240 pages

Published: October 31, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


The world went silent when the mist came. Following a sonic blast heard around the world as the gates of Aites were thrown open, the mist clung to the mortal world, but it was not empty. Creatures dwelled within the mist, and when the mist left, they remained.

Yet, with the ravagers another came forth. The gatekeeper, Charu strode across the land in hunt of his quarry, those spirits which had broken through the barrier. With his lamp of souls, he moves over the world capturing the spirits and bringing death to those driven to madness, infected by exposure to their miasmatic taint. He will stop at nothing to accomplish his task.

The ravagers brought civilization to its knees, hiding out as an infestation within the city. Meredith was one of handfuls of people left in Ashton, barely clinging to survival as resources ran low. When a shift in power dynamics brings the people under the yoke of the ravagers, Meredith knows that her time may soon be up. She doesn’t anticipate being saved by a dangerous spirit bent on destruction.

Can love bloom and flourish between a grim spirit and a human woman with spirits running in havoc around them, and will their magic together be enough to save humanity from a crippling fate?

*This book contains elements of horror.

My thoughts 💭

I enjoyed this book! I loved Meredith and Charu. Charu was all gruff and unfeeling until Meredith and I loved it! They both didn’t want to be alone and found love with each other and it was interesting to read. They don’t immediately fall into the feels but it kind of builds up and it was enjoyable to read. I definitely recommend this!

Cover Reveal: Pretty Lies by Bethany-Kris


by Bethany-Kris
Publication Date: March 2, 2020
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Mafia Romance, Romantic Suspense

Cover Reveal Credits: Mignon Mykel from Oh, So Novel



Pretty things always tell lies …

Cory Rossi isn’t what you would expect the youngest son of the Chicago mob’s underboss to be. Despite what everyone thinks, he can actually do what he’s told. He just does it his own way. The problem with that is every tattooed- and leather-covered inch of him screams one thing to Della Costello—total heartbreak. It’s all men like him do, right? One hook-up, when he didn’t even know her name, was all she could afford.

Their one-time encounter should have stopped there. But an ex that causes problems for her business—and the mob’s—and Cory becomes her new shadow until the bullets quiet in the streets. It gets harder and harder to stay out of his bed.

They’ll walk a fine line.
And there is no mercy in this tragedy.

For love and lost blood, once more, Chicago will rage.


Pretty Lies is a standalone romantic suspense within Bethany-Kris’s Commission World.



Cory flashed his teeth in a grin. “You out?”

That’s all he needed to ask.

His brother would understand.

“Would you hate me if I said yes?” Joe returned with a lazy smirk.

“Nah, I figured once I got a few drinks into you, then you’d be ready to head home.”


A shrug lifted his shoulders. “Is what it is, bro.”

That was it, and that was all.

Joe didn’t have the same priorities as Cory at the end of every day now, and he got that. He didn’t need his brother to tell him to know that Joe’s mind hadn’t been very far from his wife and newborn son from the moment they walked into their club for a good time.

Besides …

“I got you out to blow the fucking stink off you,” Cory said, straightening up in the booth and eyeing the dancing crowd for something—or someone—interesting. He’d know what it was when he found it. “I’ll count that as a win.”

On another night, when Joe was less drunk and tired, he probably would have had a smart ass, cutting comment for Cory in reply. Instead, he just shook his head and smiled like he knew the truth.

“You know, if all you really want is to spend some time with me, you just gotta say, Cory.”

Yeah, well

“I told Liliana,” Cory said simply. “She came up with a better plan.”

Because usually, he’d just cause some shit to get his brother’s attention. It always worked before. He was trying a new thing—one that didn’t end up with someone in trouble, mostly him and Joe, or worse.

He figured that was good.



“Let Max know at the door,” Cory said, “because I already had someone ready to drive you home when you were ready to go. He’s probably got the car close by the entrance.”

Joe sighed. “And what are you doing for the rest of your night?”

Cory’s gaze finally stopped in its search of the dancing swell of people when he found a brunette with a shimmering, black club dress tossing back a round of shots right off the tray of a server. In towering heels that showed off all kinds of smooth, tanned legs in that short dress, the woman spun around to join another female waiting. The fast movement made the blonde and red highlights in her long, wavy brown hair catch the lights overhead. The women started dancing again. Now that he had found her in the crowd, he couldn’t seem to look away.

Not that he minded.

She was quite a sight.

Every inch of her—from the curves of her hips to the glowing sheen on the valley of her breasts where that dress dipped dangerously low, and even the red on her lips—screamed fuckable. He tried not to objectify women upon first sight. It wasn’t a particularly admirable trait in a man, after all.

The brunette made it easy, though.


She’d tossed back five shots one after the other. Not a flinch in sight. That meant one of two things to Cory.

The brunette was looking to forget something, or she wanted one hell of a night. Either way, he could provide both of those things. That was, if she was interested. He simply needed to make his way over to her and find out.

But first, Joe.

“Well?” Joe asked. “Do you need me to make sure you get home, too? Or are you not done here?”

Cory was already standing from the booth. “Not even close to done, bro.”

The only thing he could guarantee was that he’d make it home to take his dog, Mace, out for a piss, because the animal depended on him. The pup was the only thing that ever gave him a real sense of responsibility. He would be drunk when he got home, likely, but he always had a mob enforcer waiting in the wings to do the driving when needed.

And that was it. Everything else was up in the air. He liked it that way.

“Talk to Max—it was my deal with Liliana,” Cory told his brother as he passed by him in the booth to exit. “You’re not driving home.”

“Yeah, I got it. I don’t know what caught your attention out there on the floor, but you know the fucking rules, yeah?”

Joe called that at his retreating back.

Cory just laughed.

He was way too drunk to be picking up a brunette in his club to fuck, if he were being honest. The way the room looked as he walked away—a little too fuzzy, maybe—told him that.

What did it matter?

Fun was still fun.

“The rule, Cory!”

“Yeah, yeah.” He waved a hand high over his shoulder, and his fingers made the peace sign that quickly turned into just his middle finger standing up. “I know the rule—don’t be stupid.”

Sometimes, that was when he had the most fun.

He just knew better than to say it.


Bethany-Kris is a Canadian author, lover of much, and mother to four young sons, one cat, and two dogs. A small town in Eastern Canada where she was born and raised is where she has always called home. With her boys under her feet, snuggling cat, barking dogs, and a hubby calling over his shoulder, she is nearly always writing something … when she can find the time.

To keep up-to-date with new releases from Bethany-Kris, sign up to her New Release Newsletter here:

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Review: Enslaved By The Alpha Warlord by Gabby Dark

Length: 75 pages

Published: November 29, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


These possessive aliens didn’t come to conquer.

They came searching for mates to breed.

They read our secret thoughts. Perceive our most intimate emotions.

They do not ask. They do not buy or trade. They do not bargain. They take.

In an attempt to escape her cruel fate as a maid in the house of one of the most hated families in the nation, Aurora runs into a body as hard as granite. The seven foot tall warrior resembles a Viking and an alien beast all rolled into one. He’s dominant, his body glows with electric vibes, and he exudes a strength she’s never known.

When he cuts down her attackers, Aurora knows this savage doesn’t come to make peace.

He throws her over his shoulder and says one word: Mine.

Vaxar is a Zunatorian soldier—named an alpha warlord for his brutal strength and battle tactics. When the King sends him on a mission that doesn’t include a bloody massacre, he is less than pleased.

But then, Vaxar captures the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. The human is gentle, responsive to his touch, and made to be pleasured by an alpha.

Aurora stirs Vaxar’s inner beast and awakens his need to mate. There’s one thing Vaxar has always wanted more than fighting. A companion. And furthermore, an heir. He sees his future in Aurora. He sees his mission in a different light and knows she is the one who was promised to him.

A handmaiden. And a vicious warrior. Was their union fated?

My thoughts 💭

This was a good steamy alien romance. Aurora was trying to escape one life and ends up captured by aliens. Vaxar is sweet but all alpha male. He captures Aurora and claims her then tells her all the naughty things he’s going to do to her. I enjoyed the chemistry between the two.

Release Blitz: All For You: A Single Dad Anthology

Title: All for you anthology: a single dad romance compilation
Authors:   Autumn Archer  Brie Paisley  Summer Zoris  Laura Farr
  Rachael Tonks  Paige Thomas  Stacy McWilliams  Rae B Lake 
 Renea Porter   Lara Norman   Eden Rose 

All for you anthology: a single-dad romance compilation

Our amazing authors bring you heartfelt stories of love and healing in the ALL FOR YOU ANTHOLOGY: a single-dad romance anthology.
You’ll go on a journey with various characters as they find love— even against all odds. These stories will range from sizzling-hot to sweet and sexy.
Prepare to melt with this terrific compilation of single dad short stories.

Autumn Archer: A Northern Irish #1 Bestselling Romance Author who thrives on gin and the written word. She’s a mother to two cool kids, two cute dogs and has a fluffle of wild rabbits in the back garden. Between working in the city during the day, entertaining the brood, feeding the husband and cuddling with the pups, she somehow manages to write romance.

Brie Paisley is a small town gal from Mississippi. She always wanted to write at a young age and was always filling journals with her thoughts and short stories. Brie started with the idea of Worshipped a year ago and with the encouragement of her husband and sister in law, she was able to write her first book. When she is not writing, you can find her reading a good book, painting, scrapbooking, or watching a good movie with her husband and her boxer.

Summer Zoris is an author, wife, mother, reader and coffee lover who loves to take you on an emotional ride with her books.
When she was younger, it was her best friend who got her into writing in the first place. School was boring? Afternoon off? Fanfic writing was what they would do for hours to no end. Publishing, though, hadn’t been anything on Summer’s radar until she woke up one day from a very vivid dream. It was one of those you can’t get rid of, so she ended up writing it down. And writing some more on it. Until a full story started to emerge. It was her best friend who ended up pushing her to take the next step and put the book out there.

Laura Farr: A Wife and Mummy of 2 who is pursuing her dream of writingRachael Tonks is a romance author with a love of books, and a particular love of the romance genre. As a child Rachael could always be found with her head in a book, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2015 when Rachael’s love of books really took over. Reading spurred on her desires to put pen to paper. Starting out her career with a new adult romance novel, she has now published multiple novels, ranging from dark romance to contemporary. Rachael lives in the steely suburb of Sheffield, in the north of England with her family. She has 3 beautiful children and a crazy dog. She loves nothing more reading with a good cup of tea and is self-proclaimed chocoholic!

Paige Thomas debut novel Starstruck was originally released by Ellora’s Cave Publishing in 2013, with her first short story Count Me In following close behind. Since parting ways with the now defunct publisher, she decided to become an independent author.

Paige is a contemporary romance author who loves to add splashes of other genres into her work. Whether it’s thriller, suspense, mystery or paranormal, someone’s usually sarcastic and someone always gets laid.

She lives on the central coast of New South Wales, Australia with her husband and son, and continues to battle her addiction to dark chocolate and hot musicians.

She wants to be Stephen King when she grows up.

Stacy McWilliams is a Scottish Author who loves romance. All of her books have a romantic element and her books will keep you on the edge of your seat, make you want to throw your kindle around and her characters will make you either love them or loathe them.

Rae B Lake is a daydreamer, nurse, bookworm, nature enthusiast, wife, momma, animal activist and an optimist. She has lived her entire life in NYC and loves to travel with her family. She believes that sweets should have a larger piece of the nutritional pyramid and that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was one of the best TV shows ever invented. When she is not working as a nurse in her community, she can either be found reading, writing, or taking a walk while listening to music. She has been writing books in her mind for as long as she can remember but decided that maybe there were others out in the world that would find joy in the words she would put down on the page.

Renea Porter is best known for writing realistic stories with realistic characters. Her stories may even cause you to shed a tear or two. She mainly writes New Adult and Contemporary Romances. However, she’s not afraid to venture into other genres like Paranormal Romance.
She enjoys spending time with her husband of fourteen years, and stepson. She calls Pennsylvania home but loves to travel and try new things. In her free time, you can catch her reading books, watching reality tv, and baking.

Lara Norman used to scribble her fictional characters down on legal pads in high school, and then not show them to anyone. In recent years, she started posting her work in public forums for feedback, which gave her the courage to publish professionally.
She needs copious amounts of coffee and chocolate to survive. She enjoys eavesdropping on the character conversations in her head, which she has been assured doesn’t make her crazy. She always gets the best ideas while in the shower, driving, or about to fall asleep.

Though she’s a Florida girl at heart, Lara currently resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband of twenty years and their three children, where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age fifteen.

Eden Rose As a child, I loved telling stories to entertain myself and my friends from the beginning. The most outlandish stories about random things that I concocted in my head, I would tell to my friends and family. It took many years for me to harness that into an actual book. Once I bit the bullet and decided to publish Save Me (The Lucky Family Series), I had to continue writing.