Blood Prince by Celia Aaron!

Title: Blood Prince
Author: Celia Aaron
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Release Date: October 16, 2018
He’s searched for her across centuries. But he’s not the only one . . .

Paris, heir to a vampire kingdom he has never claimed, is adrift on earth and in the Underworld. The bounty on his head keeps him on the run. When he realizes the woman whose death haunts his dreams could be alive, he will risk everything just to touch Helen again. But her past can’t be erased, and neither can her old enemy–a demon who will destroy worlds just to possess her.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone fantasy romance with vampires, witches, and mythological creatures.
I loved this book! I enjoyed the paranormal twist on the story of Helen of Troy and Paris! Elena(Helen) and Paris were so cute! I loved their chemistry.
*received ARC for honest review 💙

Celia Aaron is a USA Today bestselling author and recovering attorney who loves romance and erotic fiction. Dark to light, angsty to funny, real to fantasy–if it’s hot and strikes her fancy, she writes it. Thanks for reading.

Cards Of Love: The Emperor by Fawn Bailey


In Venice, Italy, a world of cursed diamonds, hidden secrets and twisted fantasies awaits a star-crossed couple who were meant to be together. But can they work together to bring down a villain? And will their love survive it all… or break into a thousand pieces?


I’ve always been a pawn. That stops now. I’m ready to play. I’m ready to win.

My past is catching up with me. I left everything behind twice – first, when my sister killed her twin and our parents, and then again when I walked away from the love of my life, my soulmate, Ryker Marino.

Now, both of my worlds are colliding. My sister is coming for me, but not if I find her first.

Astor is crazy. Evil. She won’t stop until she’s killed our entire family.

I follow her to the other side of the world – Venice, Italy.

Here, a game of cat and mouse draws me further into her trap.

Here, one of us will end the other.

But what Astor doesn’t know… is that I’m ready for a fight.


I’m The Emperor. L’Imperatore. And I’m going to win my girl back.

Ginger disappeared without a trace seven years ago. I uprooted my life because of her. I moved to a different continent. I became obsessed with a cursed diamond that has shaped my family’s lives for centuries.

But what if the stone isn’t to blame for our misfortune? What if everything, including losing Ginger all those years ago, is my fault?

I have to face my fears. I have to find Ginger. I have to bring her back.

But there is a third player involved in this game of chess… And she’s about to beat us both.

My thoughts 💭


This was just an okay read for me. I didn’t feel like it was a dark romance…I didn’t hate it and I didn’t love it either. I didn’t like how Ryker is “The Emperor” but didn’t check out his assistant’s background or anything…The whole Astor situation made no sense to me. She sent notes about harming Ginger but didn’t really want to hurt her and her excuse was that her obsession got the better of her….She’s been sending threatening notes and that’s all she had to say? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Ryker and Ginger has some good steamy scenes but overall this one just wasn’t for me. I really liked the cover.

Blog Tour: Darius by Marie Skye

Title: Darius
Author: Marie Skye
Genre: Contemporary Romance 

They call me Dare.

At night you can find me on stage at the hottest male strip club on the strip. If you’re lucky I may even let you thank me for putting on a good show by putting your mouth to good use. 
Kidding…maybe. What am I up to these days? Glad you asked.
Taking my clothes off at night to make a living.
Having a summer fling with a sexy AF raven haired babe.
Snagging a prestigious job at a private school.
Finding out that sexy AF raven haired babe is my student.
We’re not talking college. 
Say What?! 
What other crazy shit can I get into? Let’s find out. 
They call me Dare. But my friends call me Darius. 
Be good to me.

**Darius was previously released as Dare in the SIX: A Men of the Strip Anthology**

Marie Skye is your average career driven woman by day, and a hidden lover of all things dirty by night. Or, as she likes to say, professional by day; author whore by night.

Army brat, and now just a brat. She currently resides in Austin, TX where there really is a difference between breakfast burritos, and breakfast tacos, but she really doesn’t know what the difference is.

If it’s dark, and full of inappropriate material. She’s attracted to it. She prefers making her character’s work for their happy ever after, if they get one, and she has no problem making sure they endure every obstacle to try to get there. She’s known as not having a filter, and if she’s asked for an opinion, be prepared to get a response that’s most likely a mixture of sarcasm and bluntness. 

She also has a soft side, and volunteers her time to support Elephants, as well as not attending any events that has elephants in their acts. She also loves sloths, and cute kittens, and prides herself on being able to quote the entire series of Friends.

Marie is the type of person that can be friends with anyone, but if you have cake, you’re pretty much her best friend.


Sins Of The Father by Marie James!


I’m not misunderstood.

I’m not confused about my position in life.

I’m not looking for answers to explain why I am the way I am.

This is the logic others use to try to make sense of me. According to them, there has to be a reason for my apathy. There has to be some sort of explanation for the calculating way I run my Club. There has to be a root cause for my depravity.

They can’t wrap their heads around the fact that I’m evil, that I’m darkness personified. Doing so would force them to acknowledge that the Devil has left Hell and is living among them.

Most people may think I’m Satan, but I answer to Lynch, President of the Ravens Ruin MC, and the Antichrist doesn’t have sh*t on me.

My thoughts 💭


Wow! I absolutely enjoyed this MC romance. Lynch just became president of the MC. His sister Molly and her friend Zoe leave school to get away from the drama there. Molly ends up bringing Zoe to the clubhouse where Zoe runs into Lynch. Zoe and Lynch had good chemistry! Lynch did keep doing stupid things because he couldn’t accept his feelings for Zoe. But every time she tried to leave Lynch refused to let her. It was cute when he finally opened up to her and accepted his feelings for her since his whole life his dad has told him not to trust anyone. This book was well written, steamy, had drama and filled with hot men! I can’t wait for the next story!

Blog Tour: Samsara by Jo-Ann Joseph

Title: Samsara 
Author: Jo-Anne Joseph 
Genre: Contemporary romance with paranormal themes

Tortured for years by recurring nightmares of a drowning woman and the man she’d left behind, 

the sense that she knew these strangers plagued her.

Now a freshman in college, she wanted nothing more than a normal life,

one that could start if she could only deny the gift the women in her family possessed.

Clay was not part of her plans, but he entered her life by storm . 

How would she reveal her secret without losing him ?

She was his before she was her own.


He lost his heart a long time ago.

The last thing he was looking for was love, much less with Luna, who was young enough to be his daughter. 

But he craved her like a drug.

When she reveals the impossible, can he bring himself to walk away?

When every part of him knows she is his?


What if your life was suddenly not your own?

What does “forever” really mean?

Jo-Anne Joseph is a South African Author who writes fiction contemporary romance, psychological romance and romantic suspense. She has a flair for creating stories that are sweet and sassy, others riveting and suspenseful . Along with a passion for writing, she is an avid reader and enjoys painting and coloring. She also has a deep love for poetry and prose. Her lifelong love affair with words started at a young age and resulted in her debut novel Infinity published in September 2017. She has since published five other titles along with a poetry anthology, as well as contributed to two anthologies.
Her books are available on, Ibooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble in ebook and paperback format. She has worked with an international publishing company on one of her anthologies. Bridge Books in Johannesburg and Maboneng carry her titles.
Jo-Anne is a business professional by day, she works in the field of corporate governance, and an Author by night. She also writes on a volunteer basis for on-line publications Still Standing Magazine and the website Glow in the Woods. Her articles have been republished in several newsletters.
She is eager to encourage the culture of reading in South Africa and show regular working woman and parents that it’s not impossible to follow the creative aspect of their dreams and goals. If you love something enough, you’ll make the time for it. 

My Best Friend’s Boyfriend by Amy Brent.


I’ve lost my mind.

That’s the only explanation for it.

He’s my best friend’s boyfriend. I broke every girl-code out there when I let him kiss me.

And then what happened after…

But the dating agency set us up. And I couldn’t say no to those gorgeous gray eyes focused only on giving me pleasure.

I just wanted to lose my virginity. Now I’m afraid I’ll lose Logan.

What happens when I tell him I’m pregnant?


She blew me away when she walked in the room.

Olive skin and bright blue eyes that scratch an itch I never knew I had.

When I was with her best friend, I wouldn’t dare think about how much I wanted Ava.

Except in my dreams.

Now Ava’s here for real. In my arms, in my bed…

Mine. Forever.

But when I wake up, will she still be here?

My thoughts 💭

This was a cute story even though it had its cheesy moments. Camilla wasn’t a good friend to Ava and definitely not a good woman for Logan. Ava is nagged so much by Camilla to lose her virginity that she decides to join an agency that helps her plan the evening she wants. Logan is heartbroken after finding out his woman has been cheating on him. Logan signed up to be a teacher or guide to make himself feel better and the person he ends up teaching is Ava. They had great chemistry and I loved them! Ava and Logan fit each other perfectly. I thought the story was well written and enjoyed reading it!

{Cover Reveal} Fake by Olivia Rush!

Title: Fake
Author: Olivia Rush
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date Oct 17th 

Add to your TBR – Goodreads

I didn’t know he was my new boss!Being trapped in an elevator with a complete hottie is every girl’s dream come true…
If it wasn’t my first day on the job, maybe it would have been mine, too.
The expensive suit. The smell of Gucci. I should have known he was the boss.
Yet, there I was, running my mouth about what a jackass the owner must be.
He listened with what could only be described as HUNGER.
When I was summoned to his office later, I was mortified to learn who he was.
But nothing prepared me for what he asked next.
“Chelsea, I have a proposition. I need a fake fiancé, and you’re the only one I want.

Olivia writes romantic suspense with healthy dose of steam. She loves writing about beautiful characters in adventurous tales. She lives with a sometimes nice teen, her awesome hubby, and the world’s coolest cat. Netflix is watched daily in the Rush household and coffee is run through an IV drip.