Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Cyborg by Honey Phillips

Length: 155 pages

Published: January 23,2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


A desperate widow in need of a helping hand… even a cybernetic one.

Hattie came to Mars with high hopes. Hopes that she and her husband would be able to claim a plot of land, to create a home, perhaps even to start a family – all of the things that were now impossible on a troubled Earth. Instead, she’s lost everything, everything except the land, and in order to keep her homestead she needs help.

When help arrives in the form of a tall, gruff cyborg ranger, she is torn between her loyalty to the past and the promise of a new future. But when danger threatens, is she going to lose even that?

M-231 can barely remember the time before – before he became a cyborg, before he shut off his emotions, before he became both more and less than human. Until a stubborn, beautiful female – one who is no longer off limits – makes him remember what it is to feel.

Can Hattie and her cyborg overcome harsh conditions, troubled pasts, and a mysterious enemy to create a new future together?

Each book in the Cyborgs on Mars series can be read as a standalone romance. This sweet and steamy romance is intended for mature readers.

My thoughts 💭

This was a sweet romance. Hattie and Morgan were too cute. Hattie needs a partner for her claim and Morgan is very willing to be that partner. Morgan has been interested in Hattie since he first saw her. He’ll do anything to protect her and her claim. This story has secrets, cyborgs and romance. I enjoyed this book.

Review: Marked by Sara Fields

Length:178 pages

Published: January 17, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


First he marked me. Then he took me.

I know how to handle men who won’t take no for an answer, but Silas isn’t a man. He’s a beast who takes what he wants, as long and hard and savagely as he pleases, and tonight he wants me.

He’s not even pretending he’s going to be gentle. He’s going to ravage me, and it’s going to hurt.

I’ll be spanked into quivering submission and used thoroughly and shamefully, but even when the endless series of helpless, screaming climaxes is finally over, I won’t just be sore and spent.

I will be marked.

My body will no longer be mine. It will be his to use, his to enjoy, and his to breed, and no matter how desperate my need might grow in his absence, it will respond to his touch alone.


Publisher’s Note: Marked includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

My thoughts 💭

If spankings from a strict alpha male isn’t your really your thing please be wary…if it is I totally recommend reading this book. The way the Khadu find mates is interesting! Silas takes Kendra for the ride of her life by handling her the way no male has done before then waits to see if her body accepts his mark. There’s a some betrayal, a whole lot of spankings and little bit of sweet. I enjoyed reading this book.

Review: His Obsession by Rose Marie

Length: 220 pages

Published: January 14, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited



He was the boss from hell. Overbearing, egotistical and rude. He ridiculed everything about me from how I dress, to my hair and even my plus size figure. I hate him. The only thing nice about that man was his outside appearance and damn was it nice to look at, everything else especially his personality was a throw away. Ready to hand in my two weeks notice, there’s a significant shift in his personality. That’s when I see that everything is not as it seems.


She was the employee from hell. Big ass, big legs and big breasts. She was downright sexy and I did everything I could too keep my attraction from showing. It was excruciatingly difficult, but I did it. It was all going so well, until one day she tried to leave me. I couldn’t have that. I needed her there. She was the bright spot in my life. My Angel. My everything. If she thought she could leave me then she had another thing coming, because she has no idea just how vital her presence is. I think it’s time I show her just how important she is to my sanity.

My thoughts 💭

I enjoyed this book! Channing’s obsessed with Angel but hasn’t been the nicest to her. Angel is fed up and tries to resign but Channing won’t let her. He confesses his feeling but Angel is wary and rightfully so. They are cute together but Channing’s secrets come to light and Angel struggles with the deception. Their story had me hooked from beginning to end! I can’t wait to read the next book!

Review: The Bravest Hero by Twyla Turner

Length:253 pages

Published: January 1, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


He’s a hero who needs saving…

Royal King is the motorcycle-riding rocker chick of the Curvy Girls Club, who stopped caring about what other people think long ago.

McKennon ‘The Mack’ Carter is a firefighter and fitness model, whose life revolves around trying to be perfect for everyone.

One night on a dark freeway, their lives collide. Left broken and near death, Mack only holds on because of the angel who stays by his side.

He built the perfect life for himself. The life everyone expected him to have. Now, with the loss of his leg, he has to figure out how to piece back together that life when he’s no longer perfect.

The friendship formed during tragedy begins to grow into something more. But Mack has a secret that could push Royal away for good.

Royal and McKennon are up against more odds than most would be willing to deal with. But can the bond they made that night on a lonely stretch of highway be enough to hold them together? Or will it all come burning down?

The Bravest Hero… The highly anticipated follow-up to The Red Scot and 2nd book in the Curvy Girls Club series!

My thoughts 💭

I enjoyed Royal and Mack’s story. Royal was able to break free of her family who wanted her to be anything other than herself. She ends up saving Mack’s life and finds he has a similar situation. They end up falling in love and it was adorable. I loved their chemistry. I also loved their friends!

Review: Stray by River Ramsey

Length: 173 pages

Published: January 5, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Lions, tigers and jaguars are just the beginning of Ella’s problems…

As an unremarkable stray left out on the streets, Ella thought she’d finally found a family in the Hill pride. Instead, she found herself living as a glorified maid, serving the future King of the colony himself.

Axel is rude and careless at best. At worst? He’s downright cruel, and he seems to take personal delight in reminding Ella that she’ll never belong. Too bad her heart never got the memo.

Axel and his perfect girlfriend are all but destined to rule the colony, but when the Unveiling comes around, it’s Ella who’s chosen as the next Empress by the moon itself.

And the claws are out.

Now every tom in the colony is vying for Ella’s attention, including bad boy Axel, the current Empress’ gorgeous son Bishop, and a mysterious Academy professor named Sterling whose ice blue eyes are every bit as dangerous as his caustic wit.

Choosing between the three of them is hard enough, but an inconvenient heat has other ideas. Ella’s sure she’s living her own Cinderella story. She’s just not sure if she’s the princess or the mouse.

My thoughts 💭

This was a good start to the series. I just wish a little more would’ve happened before the cliffhanger. Ella is a stray who isn’t treated very well and she’s chosen to be the next Empress to the shock of most people. Ella is a sweetheart who’s just trying to make it through academy but jealous and scared folks are being kind of ridiculous. Ella is the next chosen Empress and everyone is going to treat her like a pariah…Axel is a selfish jerk but I liked Bishop and Sterling and wanted her to choose them but maybe next book.

Review:Fae Curse (Yew Queen #1) by Eve A. Hunt

Length: 178 pages

Published: January 3,2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


What do sexy fae lords, a vampire assassin, and a mysterious castle have in common?

Yours truly.

Yeah no, I did not plan this.

When my bestie and I opened a fabulous bakery, I planned to live a long life shoving pumpkin muffins into my face hole and working them off during my self-defense class. 

But when a castle full of ridiculously gorgeous immortals showed up on the ley line running through my small town outside Nashville, my life changed. 

A lot. Like a lot, a lot.

Because of an ancient curse, the immortals can’t leave the castle without turning to ash. But when the most powerful fae lord uses his seductive power to lure me close, to psychically feed on my aura, he successfully steps out of the castle for the first time. 

Now the fae want all of my supposedly special blood to break the curse. Until I can somehow shove the immortals back into whatever magical hole they crawled out of, my life is forfeit.

I have a plan. But said plan didn’t account for the insane feelings I’m starting to have for the alpha of the group…

FAE CURSE is the steamy first book in the Yew Queen Trilogy, and it’s perfect for KF Breene, Laura Thalassa, Annette Marie, Linsey Hall, and CN Crawford fans!

If you like fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, snarky heroines, hot vampires, and seductive fae, then click to buy and begin this fantastical new series today!

My thoughts 💭

This book was interesting but I have mixed feelings about it. It was well written but idk. I’m definitely interested enough to read the next book.

Review: The Dugout by Meghan Quinn

Length: 360 pages

Published: September 16, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Let me ask you a question:

If someone is vying for your spot on a team and just so happens to injure you during practice, would you believe it was on purpose?

Word around campus is . . . it was no accident.

That injury has cost me everything; my starting position, my junior year—and the draft. Now, I’m a senior fresh off recovery, struggling to find my groove, until the day I run into a nervous, fidgety, girl with freckles, in the dining hall.

They call Milly Potter The Baseball Whisperer, The Diamond Wizard, and The Epitome of All Knowledge. She believes in baseball. She breathes it. She’s the queen of an infamous dynasty, but no one actually knows who she really is, and she plans to keep it that way.

One mishap in the panini line, one miscommunication in the weight room, and many failed attempts at an apology equal up to one solid truth — Milly Potter never wants to speak to me again — no matter how good my forearms look.

Little do we both know, she’s about to become more than just my fairy ballmother.

My thoughts 💭

I loved this book even though the last few chapters had me in tears! This book gave me all the feels! I laughed and cried and wanted to punch Carson in the throat. Milly knows baseball. Carson needs her and he gets her and they are the most adorable couple ever! Then tragedy comes along and makes everyone cry until they kiss and make up. I definitely recommend this book!