Review:The Librarian & The Beast by SJ Sanders

Length: 242 pages

Published: July 7, 2020

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Source: Kindle Unlimited


Beni has lived a charmed existence in Dunvar Citadel, but one that is coming quickly to an end. When she loses her position as transcriber in the citadel library to a newcomer, she knows that is only a matter of time before the council will insist that she marry. Although she dreads the idea of being one of many wives to her husband, her more immediate and pressing concern is her replacement—a man who is conspiring with the chancellor to weed out non-essential fiction that distract the women workers within the citadel.

In attempt to save the books, Beni herself ends up requiring saving when she falls into a river. Her savior, however, is far beyond anything she ever could have imagined. The Mintar is far from human in appearance and social niceties, he isn’t even particularly friendly, yet he promises to return her safely home. All that is required is a pretense of mating to keep the other males of his clan from courting her. That is certainly no hardship as far as she is concerned, especially not with so much in the village to keep occupied, alien scrolls to explore, and an opportunity to do what she loves. What she doesn’t plan on is falling in love with the stoic male who doesn’t want a mate.

Faltz carries the scars on his body and heart from losing his parents as a calf. Females are frightened by his appearance and he doesn’t consider himself worthy of having a mate and family when his parents died saving him. Caring for a lost human is an annoying inconvenience, but he is determined to see it through and get the feisty female home safely…even if that means deceiving his queen and entire clan by pretending a mating with her. When pretense turns into truth, Faltz’s honor is tested when he is forced to face one fact…when she leaves, how would he continue without her?

Book contains graphic sex and violence

My thoughts 💭

This was an enjoyable read. Beni and Faltz had good chemistry. It took meddling friends and a kidnapping to make them realize they’d rather stay together.

Review: Finding Fae by M. Sinclair

Length: 139 pages

Published: April 23, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


My name is Maize.

Poisonous to the touch.

The bastard child of one very dead Dark Fae King.

A refugee of a war that freed me from my three-year imprisonment.

Loyal to a kingdom that absolutely despises who I am.

I was free. As free as someone like me could be, at least. At 22, I could go anywhere. Travel any realm. Yet, I chose to stay in the kingdom that saved me. I was loyal to a fault and now after a full year spent living within the castle walls, I was being transferred to the Red Masques academy. Not as a student. Not as a teacher either. I honestly wasn’t positive why I was going… a change of pace? Or maybe they had grown tired of me in the castle. Either way, I would be staying with the team of commanders that are in charge of the institution. It couldn’t be that bad right?

Well, that was what I assumed before I met the men I would be living with. Yeah, not positive how this is going to work out… stay tuned.

Finding Fae is book 1 in the Lost In Fae series. This PNR/Fantasy RH is part of an M. Sinclair universe but can be read as a standalone series (feel free to check out the others as well for a more encompassing universe understanding and camos). Prepare yourself for a strong but haunted MFC that meets men that may be the best or worst thing for her. Undetermined.

Book will contain swearing. As well, please be advised that the book contains darker themes including assault, PTSD, and violence. Additionally, sexual themes are suitable for mature audiences +18. Burn level – slow/medium.

My thoughts 💭

This was an interesting read. Maize has been through a lot but she is strong! I did cry a little for Maize but I loved it! I liked how unique her relationships with her mates were. I can’t wait to read what’s next for this group.

Review: If You Say So by Lani Lynn Vale

Length: 262 pages

Published: October 29, 2019

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Source: purchased


Gabriel Luca Maldonado, III and Francesca Leandra Solomon were meant to be. They were so in love that everybody prayed for what they had.

Everything was glorious. They would get married, have children and live a perfect life. She would be a doctor in the emergency room once she finished her doctorate, and he would be a badass Navy SEAL and save people for a living.

But then Luca is deployed across the world, and per military regulations, Frankie isn’t allowed to follow.

They’ve overcome a lot in their short relationship, and they can overcome this, too. Two years was a piece of cake. She’d finish her schooling and wait for him. And when he finally returned home, they would marry.

But two months into Luca’s deployment, the unthinkable happens, and Frankie is left alone and heartbroken, knowing that she’ll have to face the rest of life without Luca at her side.


Fast forward two years, and Frankie is exactly where her fiancé’s father left her, in a pit of despair that she has no hope of ever finding her way out of.

She lives life one second at a time, depressed and alone, hoping tomorrow won’t hurt like today.

She finds a job, moves, and hopes that the nightmares won’t swallow her whole.

But just as she thinks that she’s getting better, one of her nightmares walks through the doors of her ER, and that nightmare has a name.

Gabriel Luca Maldonado, III. In the flesh.

Also healthy and whole, and definitely no longer missing.

Sadly, it only takes her a half a second to realize that the man that left her isn’t the same man that returned.

The old one wanted her. The new one? Well, he’s definitely not interested anymore.

My thoughts 💭

This was an interesting read. It kept my attention and was sweet! Luca and Frankie were made for each other and even amnesia couldn’t keep them apart.

Review: Infinity Chronicles Book 2 by Albany Walker

Length: 296 pages

Published: May 2, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


I’m learning to accept that my entire life has been a lie, and that with my mother’s disappearance there are mysteries I may never uncover. Not to mention, my abilities are manifesting and I’m just beginning to understand what being part of an Infinity really means.

As my relationship with each guy grows, so does the Infinity bond between us. Living with four moody guys—who give me butterflies with a simple look—can be slightly overwhelming. Still, I need answers, and moving forward is the only way to get them.

But there is a problem—each revelation provokes new questions, and secrets I may not be ready for are rising to the surface.

Slow Burn Reverse Harem MMFM

My Thoughts 💭

I liked this book but not much happens. Laura is still in the dark about a lot but there’s more answers from some of the guys parents. She’s starting to get a little more territorial with the guys and it’s cute. It was an easy read.