Couture Love By MJ Fields


Length: 292 pages

Source: Kindle Unlimited


What happens at De La Porte’s annual Labor Day weekend party in the Hamptons—

never stays in the Hamptons.

After my marriage to my high school sweetheart ended, I made a list of all the things I “desired” the next time around. After all, marrying for love had failed me. One year single, and I had all the love I needed in an amazing career and great new friends — the ex got the old ones in the divorce. I was only lacking in one department …

Hot, passionate sex

– Taller than me

– Fit, bulging, bitable arms

– Six-pack abs

– Suit and tie

– Chiseled features

– Tattoos

– Gentleman on the streets, freak between the sheets

– Oral AF

– Smells delicious

– Gives me chills

– Can buy the occasional meal out

– Not an employee of De La Porte

That’s it. That’s all I wanted. Easy, huh?


Have you ever tried online dating?

Shit. Show.

No one’s honest or up front, and when you are, they slither back into the dark hole they momentarily climbed out of to rub one out.

Standing at the bar with my best friend, the weekend of our annual Hamptons company getaway, a man who checked all my boxes magically appeared.

I will admit it was the best weekend of my life …

Until I found out he was still in college … and that his father was on the board of trustees.

My Thoughts 💭

I enjoyed this book! After heartbreak Autumn meets Eric who checks allllll of her boxes. Except for the fact that he is younger and the son of the guy who hates her. Their love was written in the stars and fear, time and distance wouldn’t matter to their love. This story was amazing and I definitely recommend it!