Cold Cole Heart by K. Webster!


I once was a hero.

Until she kept me as her captive, tortured me, and killed my brothers.

She bred a monster.

Nothing could stop me from seeking revenge.

But it was over so quickly—her easy death a mercy she didn’t deserve.

For a decade, the burning rage of what she did has transformed into something uncontrollable. Something I want to feed. Something I crave to unleash.

I want to make her pay.

Over and over and over again.

Finding the evil, spoiled women sates my ravenous, vengeful soul.

I hunt. I capture. I destroy.

Slowly. So slowly.

One, two, three, four, five…

And now six.

I’m wicked and sadistic.

I am Cold Cole Heart.

My mission is death and their payment to me has come due.

Number six thinks she is different.

Yet when I look at her, I see them.

She will pay.

They always do.

My thoughts


Once I started reading I just couldn’t stop! Cole and Natalie’s story was soooo good! They both have been threw things that has made them crazy but they’re so good together. The ending had my jaw dropping since it turned out Cole had been off his meds for a while….I couldn’t believe it. I loved the story and I can’t wait to read more K. Webster books!

Scars by Laura Rossi Review!


˚❁ .•°*•❃* ▓N▓E▓W▓ *❃•*°•. ❁

❁° ▓R▓E▓L▓E▓A▓S▓E▓ ˚❁ *

°•. ▓S▓C▓A▓R▓S▓ .•°


By Laura Rossi

Out now

.✫ Blurb

I gasped for air and counted my last breaths.

One, pain shot up my stomach.

Two, my throat burned.

I kept looking at the sky, as I lost any will to move.

Before my eyes closed, my last thoughts were for Andrea.

They thought prison would change me, that isolation would make me weak, maybe break me. But I wasn’t alone, I always had the darkness with me.

My name is Alejandro De la Crux and I never let anyone cross me without paying the price, their lives for my honour.

I was left to rot in prison by my ex wife and her lover, The Killer. That Rat.

They thought they could run away from me, that they could live happily ever after. No one can fool the devil, no one can fool Alejandro De la Crux.

“Patience, revenge takes time. But it will come, my time will come..

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My thoughts 💭


The book was so well written I couldn’t stop reading!! Okay, so you have to read Skins first to fully appreciate and understand Scars! After Skins I was afraid to read Scars because I just knew it was going to be an intensely emotional one! It so was but I enjoyed it! I just love Sebastian and Andrea’s story! And Alejandro’s obsession was so insane! I can’t deny he was a great villain though😂