Unforgivable by Isabel Love review!

Unforgivable by Isabel Love

Anna & Wes are childhood friends that everyone knows they’ll end up together sooner or later. This book has a slow build up it’s not instant relations & love it gives you a very detailed beginning that’ll have you thinking “omg he wants her & he is good enough for her” then when you make it to the middle BAM! “No one was you, Anna. I’ve only ever wanted you” (dreamy sigh& heart melts)I love Wes he’s so adorable& hot! I liked how Anna was always there for Wes. This is a great book if you enjoy a slow build up before the steam!

I liked their group of friends…a few bookworms, a priest, a tattoo artist & an ex con😂

Received ARC for honest review 💙

#arc #romance #bookblog #advancedreaderscopy


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