Trigger & Demons by J.L. Drake reviews!

Trigger (Devil’s Reach, #1)

Trigger & Tess don’t seem like they’d work but they do! Just when they were getting somewhere with all the feels because neither of them do feelings due to their pasts and what not it ends in a good ass cliffhanger! Someone posted this book under a what they were currently reading post and I just decided to try it out & I’m glad I did!

Demons (Devil’s Reach, #2)

Maybe I should’ve waited until the last book was out before starting because I have no patience 😂I need the next one nowww! Lol just when the betrayals come out, action gets good and Tess & Trig finally get to the “I love you” stage it ends 😩😩I really think Minnie is the 2nd mole I can’t stand her😂😂 I can’t wait until the next book!

#romance #mcromance #review

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