Etienne by V.A. Dold review!

Etienne finally gets his story and it was so worth the wait! The chemistry between Etienne and Willa was so HOT I thought they’d combust!

Identical twin brothers, Etienne and Ivan Delacour, both want Willa Witt.

One wants to love her and treat her like a queen. The other wants her dead.

Which vampire will be Willa’s ultimate fate?

My thoughts 💭


This was a good vampire romance! The story line kept me interested. Etienne and Willa were a cute couple and had great chemistry. I liked Willa in the beginning but she didn’t take anything seriously and it got annoying after a while. You’re in danger and are told so repeatedly and you think it’s ok to go off by yourself? I was done with her by this point like bad vamps come get her since she wants to be kidnapped so bad 😂. Etienne was a sweetheart even though I thought he could’ve been more firm with Willa about her being in danger.

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