Sweet Revenge by River Laurent review!



Great! Just Great!

My boyfriend of two years dumps me for another woman on the eve of New Year’s Eve.

And the reason? She weighs less than me.

Thanks, James. Really. Thanks.

But, I’m not sitting at home crying for your sorry ass.

No, I’m going to re-build the confidence you systematically destroyed.

And then I go and meet Ace, the hottest, sexiest man alive.

Whoa! And it is sweet revenge all the way.

My thoughts 💭


I think this may be my first book by the author and I liked it. Dawn’s boyfriend breaks up with her and she goes and finds herself someone better at the gym. Ace owns the gym and is immediately drawn to Dawn. Dawn was thinking it was going to be a one time thing but Ace is interested in more long term. It was a nice story but I got tired of Dawn saying “Why me?” after a while….I started yelling because he wants you😂 my mom and sister told me they can’t hear you😂😂. Her ex did put her down a lot but this hottie is all over you…girl just go with it! When Ace confessed he wanted more it was so sweet! When they bumped into James at the store I was rooting for them! Like yesssss show that fool what he gave up! Lol

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