Stakeout by Karen Raines & Brittany Crowley review!


They say sleeping with your best friend is always a bad idea. ALWAYS. Especially when one of them is falling in love while the other is shouting out another woman’s name…

Furious, embarrassed, heartbroken… I’m feeling it all. So when a month long PI contract comes up, I’m jumping at the chance to retreat.

One Month.

30 days of solitude seems like the answer I need to get my heart in check. Nothing but a beautiful beach, the suns warmth on my skin… and of course, staking out a high profile clients cheating wife.

But as soon as I step on that private jet I know I’m screwed, in more ways than one. He’s there, all cocky smirk and mouth watering muscles… and now I’m stuck in close quarters with my heartbreaker best friend.

I can do this, I can work with the devil. We’re professionals, the best of the best.

But when chaos ensues and our lives are on the line, can I count on him to have my back?

Do I trust him enough to let him?

My thoughts 💭


At first I really didn’t like Colby. He called out another woman’s name while bumping uglies with his best friend just because Bri was looking at him with stars in her eyes and he couldn’t take it. Colby grew on me by the end. I liked Bri’s bada** self even though she made me want to throat punch her most of the time. This was a good book with some nice suspense, twists and turns.

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