Lost Boy by M. Robinson Review!


From USA Bestselling Author M. Robinson comes this standalone contemporary romance full of feels and angst…

In a world where I had no say, violence became my refuge, and nothing else mattered.

Not even my own life.

Until her.

Skyler Bell.

It all started the first time I heard that voice. Giving me hope for tomorrow. My first love was everything all at once.





Except, I never imagined there were secrets that needed to be shared. Lies that needed to be confessed. Truths that needed to be told.

Demons that needed to be buried.

Once I realized the depth, the longing, the sadness and sorrow in her eyes mirrored mine, it was too late. Love didn’t come to me as heartbreak, it came as everything I’ve ever wanted. Walking away wasn’t an option, but it was the only choice I had.

I finally found the price of love and it cost me…

My soul.

My thoughts 💭


This was a great angst filled read. I absolutely loved Noah and Skyler even though she got annoying at times. Most of the book I was sure Skyler and Noah weren’t going to end up together since they both had so much going on but not even time and distance could stop their love. Some parts I read the book with my mouth open in shock and grasping my fake pearls😂This was a good book to get lost in!

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