•ARC Review• Dawg by Jeanne St. James!

Release Date: September 8


Welcome to Shadow Valley where the Dirty Angels MC rules. Get ready to get Down & Dirty because this is Dawg’s story…

She has a secret. But little does she know, so does he.

With a past he’s not proud of and a secret only recently discovered, Dawg’s life is about to change when a kindergarten teacher walks into Heaven’s Angels Gentlemen’s Club, a DAMC business he’s run for the past fifteen years. With no experience, her dancing sucks but he can’t deny the woman’s determination to get the job and, against his better judgement, hires her anyway. While her girl-next-door looks may be good for business, he’s not ready for someone like Emma to walk into his life.

Emma’s desperate. She not only needs a lot of cash, but needs it quickly. Recently unemployed and with nowhere else to turn, she takes a drastic step by auditioning at Dawg’s club. When he finds out her secret, he’s willing to go above and beyond to help her. However, Emma has no idea how a bearded, tattooed biker and strip club manager can help when law enforcement can’t.

Coming from two different worlds, Dawg’s life needs to change drastically to make things work, but is he willing to give up almost everything he’s ever known for Emma?

My thoughts 💭


“Lemme tell you somethin’ ‘bout us Angels. We’re fuckin’ stubborn. Hard-headed. An’ when we see what we want, we go for it. An’, baby girl, I want you. Nobody but you, got me?”

OMG I melted! I want me a Dawg!

Another great addition to the DAMC series! Man I freaking loved Dawg! He doesn’t sugarcoat anything and it left me blinking at the book wondering “did he really just say that?”😂😂😂

Emma was such a sweetheart and I absolutely loved her! The chemistry between them was amazing and I loved their banter! The story was amazing and well written so go buy the book you won’t regret this amazing series!

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