Husband Material by Raine Miller review!


She left me the week before our wedding.

Said I wasn’t “husband material.”

Actually, I’d have to agree with my ex on that matter…because I’m just better off alone. But everything changed for me the day I met a mysterious beauty sketching on the beach.


We had one magical night together…and then she was gone–a French beach fairy who danced away with the dawn.

I searched until I found her again.

And now I can’t let her go…because maybe I am husband material after all.

*Husband Material is a STANDALONE novella, and the third book in the LEFT AT THE ALTAR series: a collaboration of six New York Times Bestselling Authors: J. S. Scott, Ruth Cardello, Raine Miller, Sawyer Bennett, M. Malone, and Melody Anne releasing separately.

STANDALONE books in the Left at the Altar series:

Book 1 – TEMPORARY GROOM by J.S. Scott

Book 2 – ALMOST A WEDDING by Ruth Cardello

Book 3 – HUSBAND MATERIAL by Raine Miller

Book 4 – WICKED WEDDING by Sawyer Bennett

Book 5 – BAD BLOOD by M. Malone

Book 6 – SECOND CHANCES by Melody Anne

My thoughts 💭


Gage’s fiancé leaves him a letter telling him how she’s left him for one of his friends and that he’s not husband material and then he starts to think he isn’t cut out for marriage. Gage finds a sweet French beach fairy named Giselle who changes that. They have a month long whirlwind romance that ends when Giselle’s visa is up. Gage realized he didn’t want to live without the love of his life so followed her and it was the cutest thing ever. This was a well written romance and I enjoyed reading it.

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