Cards Of Love: The Emperor by Fawn Bailey


In Venice, Italy, a world of cursed diamonds, hidden secrets and twisted fantasies awaits a star-crossed couple who were meant to be together. But can they work together to bring down a villain? And will their love survive it all… or break into a thousand pieces?


I’ve always been a pawn. That stops now. I’m ready to play. I’m ready to win.

My past is catching up with me. I left everything behind twice – first, when my sister killed her twin and our parents, and then again when I walked away from the love of my life, my soulmate, Ryker Marino.

Now, both of my worlds are colliding. My sister is coming for me, but not if I find her first.

Astor is crazy. Evil. She won’t stop until she’s killed our entire family.

I follow her to the other side of the world – Venice, Italy.

Here, a game of cat and mouse draws me further into her trap.

Here, one of us will end the other.

But what Astor doesn’t know… is that I’m ready for a fight.


I’m The Emperor. L’Imperatore. And I’m going to win my girl back.

Ginger disappeared without a trace seven years ago. I uprooted my life because of her. I moved to a different continent. I became obsessed with a cursed diamond that has shaped my family’s lives for centuries.

But what if the stone isn’t to blame for our misfortune? What if everything, including losing Ginger all those years ago, is my fault?

I have to face my fears. I have to find Ginger. I have to bring her back.

But there is a third player involved in this game of chess… And she’s about to beat us both.

My thoughts 💭


This was just an okay read for me. I didn’t feel like it was a dark romance…I didn’t hate it and I didn’t love it either. I didn’t like how Ryker is “The Emperor” but didn’t check out his assistant’s background or anything…The whole Astor situation made no sense to me. She sent notes about harming Ginger but didn’t really want to hurt her and her excuse was that her obsession got the better of her….She’s been sending threatening notes and that’s all she had to say? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Ryker and Ginger has some good steamy scenes but overall this one just wasn’t for me. I really liked the cover.

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