ARC Review: Under Your Spell by Cynthia Rayne!


Love can be magical. And deadly.


After my grand-mère was murdered, I returned to Bayou Noir to find the killer, because the police won’t do their freaking jobs. And I have just one suspect, Xavier Richelieu. But I forgot just how crazy the folks in my old hometown can be. A voodoo priestess, a supposed vampire, and a grumpy gator are on the loose. I don’t believe in crazy supernatural stuff, but I am worried about seeing my old crush again, Saint. And I should be. Somehow, he’s even more drop dead gorgeous than I remember.


I’m a member of the Demons MC, Cajun Chapter and I’ve got better things to do than follow Chloe around who seems bound and determined to get herself killed. But someone needs to watch her back and I don’t see anyone else lining up to do the job. Once upon a time, she was a chubby kid with a school girl crush. Now, she’s a mouthwatering woman, who wants nothing to do with me. One way or the other, I’m gonna help her avenge her grand-mère and sweet talk her into my bed. Maybe not in that order. (l

My thoughts 💭


Chloe comes back home after her grandmothers death. She wants to find out who murdered her grandma but most people are stonewalling her and when she finds out something new she’s putting herself more into the killer’s sights. This book was a good one and kept me interested! Saint was no saint but Chloe made him want to try and it was cute. They had good chemistry. Overall I enjoyed the mystery and voodoo and can’t wait to read more!

*received ARC from author for honest review 💙

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