Unscrew Me by Hayley Faiman review!


Thirty-two and single, Presley wants to start over. She’s only going through the motions–just breathing, not living. It isn’t the life she’s always imagined.

She should be married, with a little house and a few children, maybe even a labrador to greet her after a long day of teaching third graders.

Treasurer for the Savage Beast MC, Silver lived life hard. At forty-five he’s seen and done it all–twice.

A single father in need of someone who could love him, and his boy. He’s given up on ever finding a woman who fit him–fit them.

Two people breathing. Two people wanting to be loved. One an outlaw. One an innocent. Two people who could not be more opposite, yet when their worlds collide, so does their chemistry.

My thoughts 💭


I enjoyed this gritty, hot story! Silver and Presley had amazing chemistry. Presley is a good girl and Silver’s son teacher. Silver is the bad boy in a MC. Everyone warns Presley not to get involved with Silver but she can’t help the way he makes her feel. I like that Presley knew what she wanted and wasn’t willing to go without it. Silver was set in his ways but wanted Presley with him and his boy and happy and he’d do anything to keep her with him. If you enjoy an alpha male and good girl then I definitely recommend reading this! I can’t wait to read more from this author!

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