Just One Night by Charity Ferrell Review!

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Published: February 19, 2018


“What the f*ck have I done?” aren’t the first words you want to hear after a one-night stand.

Yet that’s what he gave me.

Dallas Barnes is tall, dark, and handsome.

He’s also scarred, rough, and broken down by burdens.

A single dad. A widower. A lost soul.

We found each other in the back of a dark pub.

He brought the whiskey.

I brought the bad decisions.

He called it a mistake.

I vowed never to speak to him again.

That vow is broken with one test.

Two pink lines have turned my life upside down.

One night can change everything.

My thoughts 💭


Willow and Dallas have a one night stand that has the most awkward morning after ever! Dallas still mourning the loss of his wife has regrets but he doesn’t even remember calling Willow by his deceased wife’s name! Willow finds out she’s pregnant but wants to do it on her own because of Dallas’ reaction the morning after. Dallas finds out that she’s pregnant and wants to be a part of the baby’s life. Dallas kind of had to grow on me because of how negative he reacted to sleeping with Willow. The more i learned about his wife the less I liked her🤷🏾‍♀️. Willow was lovable but I didn’t like how her answer to things were to run away instead of talking. Overall it was a good read with good characters.

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