Release Blitz: The Merger By Loni Ree

Title: The Merger 
Author: Loni Ree 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Series: The Ryan Family Books One – Three 

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Bundled together in one book with an all-new bonus extended epilogue, the first three books in The Ryan Family Series-The Merger, Lukas’ Angel, Blake’s Bombshell and Drew’s Undoing.

Drew Steele and George Ryan decided to merge two powerful families. Only things didn’t turn out the way they originally intended…

Lukas Ryan was supposed to marry Lucy Steele but…

Although he isn’t looking for forever, Fate hands Lukas Ryan his “Angel” in an arranged marriage. Well, she’s supposed to marry one of his brothers, but he puts an end to that real quick. Once they’re married, Lukas must fight to gain his wife’s love while trying to protect his company from someone intent on destroying it.

Lucy Steele was supposed to marry Lukas Ryan but…

When the hot stranger Lucy Steele spends the night with after a night of drinking turns out to be Blake David, her Uncle’s best friend, she flees, but Blake pursues her. She’s crushed when a misunderstanding causes him to walk away. Blake and Lucy soon realize their powerful feelings aren’t temporary, but while they’ve been fighting their feelings for each other, fate has stepped in and changed the game. Fate drops a bombshell on Blake but is it too late to mend fences with Lucy?

Annie Ryan was supposed to marry Bradley Steele but…

After one look at Annie Ryan, Drew Steele is hooked. There is only one problem she’s about to become engaged to his nephew to secure a business deal. Considering the engagement and merger were his idea, Drew should stay away, but he finds it impossible to fight his feelings for Annie.

The all-new bonus extended epilogue gives you a peek inside the Ryan’s and Steele’s lives soon after The Merger.

Loni Ree, a very busy mom of six, loves to read because she finds that reading helps her escape the chaos of everyday life. She loves quick, red-hot reads that are on the excessive side. Writing is a passion of hers, so Loni decided to share the stories floating around in her mind. Her short, steamy stories are a little over the top because she believes reading should be an escape from real life. Her steamy romances turn Alphaholes into Pussycats and always have a happily ever after, guaranteed!

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