Review: Grumpy Dad by Abby Knox

Published: August 29,2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Sunny, eccentric Kindergarten teacher Jewel knows how to charm the typical private school parent. Vince, however, is the only one whose outward stubbornness provokes in her a nearly uncontrollable desire to stroke his beard, squeeze his dad bod and stare at him while he watches Burt Reynolds movies. Hey, whatever works to get more help for the PTA bake sale …

Vince really wishes people would leave him alone. For the most part, they oblige. So why does a gorgeous, relentlessly upbeat Kindergarten teacher keep trying to include him in all this bougie PTA rigmarole? But … if all this nonsense will help five-year-old Max fit in at this fancy school, fine. Just this once, he’ll help; and then everybody’d better leave him alone.

My Thoughts 💭

This was an okay read. Vince was a grumpy single dad and Jewel is his son’s teacher and cheery enough for both of them. They were weird but it worked. This was one of those books where they have weird names for body parts. I almost stopped reading at Nimbus and Luna Lovegood🙄 I cringed so hard 😂 but it was a pretty good read if that’s your thing.

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