Review: Prowling Their Mate by Tasmin Baker

Length: 160 pages

Published: October 28, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Laura thinks soulmates are for suckers…

Can two gorgeous brothers prove to the cynic, that she’s their fated mate?

People say I’m too much—too big, too smart, too loud.

Well too damn bad! I’m finally content with my plus-size body and quiet life.

Sure, I haven’t dated in forever, but I have a thriving veterinary practice and a kid sister to worry about. Besides, experience tells me animals are much more deserving of my attention than any man.

Until two gorgeous brothers knock me off my feet. The unsettling animal-attraction is instant.

I can’t fight it. I don’t want to.

Finding Mr Right is not on my to-do-list, but I’m up for a little fun with Mr Right Now—times two.

Somehow these polar-opposite twins—Tyler with his gentle intelligence, and Brandon with his strength and protective streak—form a perfect pair.

And as they worship every inch of my curvy body, they thaw my frozen heart.

If falling in love isn’t scary enough to send me running, discovering these men are actually mountain lion shifters should do the trick.

But they claim I’m their fated mate.

And I know it’s true because loving them is easier than breathing… but will the ghosts of their past tear us apart?

*** Steamy MFM shifter romance.

Author note: This is a re-release or ‘Prowling the Vet’ – the story has been thoroughly edited and I hope you enjoy it!

My thoughts 💭

This was a sweet read. Tyler and Brandon meet their mate in one awkward situation but they still pursue her. Laura is kind of skeptical about how much the guys want to date her but decides to do what makes her happy. There’s a little ex drama but not too bad. I liked the book and will be reading the next one!

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