Release Blitz: Plain Jane Wanted by Rose Amberly

Plain Jane Wanted By Rose Amberly 
Genre: Romantic Comedy 

Job: Unattractive woman wanted to work for a grumpy old man on a small rustic island where cars are illegal.
To Millie who just lost everything, including all her confidence, the vacancy sounds ideal. With nothing but a little courage, she sails to find a new start.
What she finds is an island so beautiful it awakens her dreams of a wild herb café. She also finds friendships, laughter and a new love. But before she can get her happily ever after, she must first find her lost confidence, her self-respect and the strength to be herself.
A story of courage, hope, and healing – guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings

“The cast of characters you’ll wish you knew in real life. It’s an absolute joy from beginning to end.” Marianne Ginsberg

“A gorgeous, funny, heart-warming love story about starting over. Milly is incredibly relatable, with a good sense of humour and sincerity.” Louise Russell
“The location is just exquisite. Imagine a charming cove, fields of flowers, long evenings in a warm cosy kitchen with great friends … a touch of passion and the best proposal scene I’ve ever read…” Shielagh Goulding

About Rose Amberly

When Rose Amberly was little, she pestered her mother for stories every night (and morning and afternoon.) In the end, her parents taught her to read so they could have some peace, but very soon she pestered them for books and more books. By the age of six, she started to make up stories and tell them to her parents pretending she’d read them in a book. Happily, now she’s all grown up and no longer has to pretend.
She travelled widely and tried different careers is education, therapy, art management and even briefly, bookkeeping but none of them were as much fun as making up stories.
Rose Amberly lives in London which she thinks is the most fabulous city in the world. She loves to set her stories in England to share with readers some of her favourite places.  

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