Review: Malady by Natalie Bennett

Length: 109 pages

Published: February 24, 2020

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Let’s play a game…

Words can be powerful things, and those four just granted me a golden ticket straight to hell.

Two beautifully deranged boys have decided I’m their next acquisition.

To make things fair they give me a chance to save myself.

All I have to do is beat them at a few games of their choice.

Truth or dare.

Hide and seek.

Simon says.

Seems simple until you account for the bloodied twist they each have.

They say in all chaos there’s calculation.

For my sake I hope that’s true because if we’re going to play, I’m playing to win.

Malady is a complete novel. There’s no cliffhanger, but it must be read after Crucible.

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My thoughts 💭

This was an enjoyable but twisted read. Kaiden and Jace are absolutely crazy. Rae had no chance to win the game. I’m interested in what sort of training they had for Rae or if she’ll ever get a chance to run or revenge. The ending made me feel like something was missing. I feel like she deserves to make them sweat for a bit with how they did her and all.

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