Review: The Monster In Me by Madeline Fay & Jenèe Robinson

Length: 133 pages

Published: April 18, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


I’m the monster who makes you fear the dark. I’m what goes bump in the night. Well, that’s what the legends say of my kind. I’m just a vampire who wants to be normal. To go to school, learn who I am, and fall in love.

Loving five guys who break my dead heart was not part of the plan.

I’m being hunted by a faceless monster and I’m changing into something I don’t recognize.

Returning back to the academy is the last thing I want to do, but it’s the safest place for me.

The guys are heating things up with me, blood is flowing, and class is back in session.

*Why Choose Romance


My thoughts 💭

I’m not sure how I feel about this book. All the good stuff started happening at the end. Dru forgave the guys very easily. Matthias’ feelings finally come to light. There’s some lying, scheming and pasts coming back to bite. I need the next book!

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