Review: Finding His Strength by Measha Stone

Length: 240 pages

Published: April 20,2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Captured and forced to marry Henrik, Megara vows never to forget his monstrous behavior… but her hatred for her husband doesn’t weaken her attraction to him.

Henrik chases his legacy with the ferocity and strength worthy of a God. He will not be deterred, and he will not fail. Nothing will stand in his way. Not even a wife.

But Henrik’s strength can not keep Megara’s beautiful soul from seeping into his heart. A choice is coming, between everything he ever wanted and the one thing he didn’t know he needed.

My thoughts 💭

This book started off interesting but fell off to me but I liked the end lol. Henrik wants to prove himself and be named a legitimate heir and sees Megara as his ticket to daddys approval. I was relieved when he finally got over that. I liked Megara, she had some fire… This book was ok but just wasn’t for me.

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