Review: Wrong Prince by Lilian Monroe

Length: 264 pages

Published: April 28, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


I’m leaving.
Or at least, I thought I was leaving…
…until the future King of Argyle got me pregnant.

It was supposed to be one little sailing trip with a childhood friend.

A final goodbye to the islands of my youth.

It’s never that simple, though, is it?

Because my childhood friend has turned into a full-grown, hot-blooded man, who happens to be the future King.

Prince Theo is tall. He’s commanding.

He’s everything that’s been missing from my life, and he’s not afraid to show me all the reasons I should stay.

…The main reason being him, and the way he makes my thighs clench. 

My cheeks burn. 

My heart thump.

Anytime we’re together, my body and mind are at war.

My body always wins.

Again, and again, and again.

We shouldn’t be together.

I shouldn’t be here at all.

And I definitely shouldn’t be pregnant.

Now, the question is—will Prince Theo still want me to stay when he knows I’m carrying his heir?

Wrong Prince is Book 6 of the Royally Unexpected series. The Little Mermaid gets retold with a dash of accidental pregnancy and a whole lot of heat. Read Books 4 and 5 for the complete story of all the Princes of Argyle!

Note: Previously titled Knocked Up by the Wrong Prince.

My thoughts 💭

This book was okay but it just wasn’t for me. Cara decides to finally do something for herself but a friend convinces her to enjoy one last trip before they go on about their lives. On the trip the discover that they have an intense connection but don’t act on it. Scheming family puts them in a bind and Cara agrees to go on a tour of the kingdom before Theo’s coronation. They finally act on their feelings but don’t tell each other that they want more.

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