Release Blitz: His Loyal Rebel by Debra Kayn


by Debra Kayn
Patches: Tarkio MC, #4
Publication Date: December 15, 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Biker

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An eye for an eye. If it takes a lifetime, he’ll make those responsible for murdering his parents pay.

Whip walked out of prison wanting retaliation on Cusclan Motorcycle Club. As a second-generation Tarkio member, all he’s known was club life. People are either loyal or rebels, and he has no time or interest in dealing with anyone associated with his enemies.

But one platinum blonde with long, sexy legs refuses to keep her distance and leave Missoula.

Twyla’s whole life has been a case of disappointing others. Call her unfeeling, rude, or stuck-up. She rather flip her finger up at the world than let anyone hurt her again. That’s why she aims the pistol she stole from her ex-boyfriend and fires the shots. It’s why she refuses to give what she stole back. It’s why she won’t let the Tarkio member tell her to leave town.

Frustration makes her weak. One sexy biker makes her strong and gives her hope.

With her life in turmoil, she has to make a choice. Trust Whip or never see him again.


Twyla stood, dressed quickly, and walked into the kitchen. Whip reached under the cushion and grabbed his pistol, putting it back in his jeans.

Cupboards banged in the other room. He watched her, searching through each one. They were all bare from Angie moving her possessions over to Ringtails.

Twyla stopped, gripped the sink, and hung her head. He walked over to her but stayed back from touching her.

She was right there with him moments ago, riding free, enjoying herself.

“You okay?” He grabbed a pack of smokes out of his vest pocket and put a cigarette in his mouth without lighting it.

“No.” She inhaled deeply and turned to face him. “I need coffee. I need some right now. This minute.”


“I can’t think.” She put her two fingers to her forehead. “I need caffeine…to think.”

He picked up the phone. “I’ll get you a coffee.”

“Coffee doesn’t come from a telephone.” She scoffed. “I need to go to the store.”

“Just hold on a minute.” He dialed the clubhouse.

“Yeah?” said Banks.

“It’s Whip.” He kept his eye on Twyla, ready to stop her if she tried to leave the house.

“You missed calling in. Priest has a crew out distracting the cops in the area. Rick was going to split apart from them and make contact with you. Has he showed up?”


“Shit. Hang on.” Banks yelled, “Someone shut that damn music off. I can’t fucking hear.”

He waited for his MC brother to tell him what was going on. It only took ten minutes or so to go from the clubhouse to Tenth Street. Rick should’ve been here and left already.

“You need to sit tight. Don’t step outside the house until Rick or Priest contacts you. I’m going to ride out and see if I can find someone.” Banks cussed. “Something’s up.”

“Did someone find out what was happening last night?”

“Brother, I’m not saying anything over the phone. Just hang tight.”

“Right.” He ran his hand through his hair. “Talk later.”

He hung up. What the hell was going on?

Last night, he would’ve guessed that the cop chasing him wanted to pull him over for some strummed-upped charge to make his quota. The news that Tarkio riders were out on the streets and someone hadn’t made contact with him yet, bothered him.

He wanted to ride out and see what was going on. The responsibility of keeping the members safe and free fell to him. If they were in trouble, he needed to be out there. Not hiding away in the house waiting for them.

“Is everything okay?” Twyla frowned. “That call didn’t sound too good.”

“I need to stay here for a little longer,” he murmured, trying to figure out where the crew would go and what risks laid in their path.

“Well, you do what you have to do.” She walked past him. “I’m going to clean up and go to the store.”

He hooked her wrist before she could escape. “I can’t let you do that, sis.”


“Until I know it’s safe out there, you’re staying here with me.”

“I’m only going to the store.”

“It’ll have to wait.”

She studied him. He let go of her arm, and she used the opportunity to leave the room.

What happened between them would have to wait until later. He walked over to the front window and peeked outside. There were more cars parked along the street, not quite time for people to leave for work, or they were staying home on their day off, seeing as it was Saturday. An older man walked a dog on a lease, going in the opposite direction.

What was out there?

Where was his club?


Debra Kayn is published by Grand Central Publishing, Simon & Schuster Publishing, Carina Press – Harlequin Enterprises Limited, and repped by agent, Stephany Evans of FinePrint Literary Management.

Believing everyone deserves to love and be loved, she takes the most unlikely characters and turns them into heroes and heroines.

She lives with her family in the Bitterroot Mountains of beautiful North Idaho where she enjoys the outdoors, the four seasons, and the wild animals that gather in her yard.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Goodreads | Twitter | Bookbub | Amazon Author Profile

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