Release Blitz: Exposed by Jasmine Bell

Title: Exposed
Series: Palace Scandal #1
Author: Jasmine Bell
Genre: Erotic Romance, BDSM



Having weathered a few storms as well as heartaches throughout his life, Alex has devoted his life to his beloved Astoria. He only indulges his carnal desires at Luxe, the underground sex club. It’s the place where he can truly let himself go and not be ruled by obligation. Especially in the arms of his mysterious sub.
Finally free from an abusive relationship, Bethany Sinclair only feels safe when she gives the reins of her body to the mysterious Dom she meets regularly at Luxe. His dominant streak perfectly compliments her submissive side. And even when she discovers who really is, she cannot stop herself from falling into his arms every chance she gets.
Alex suddenly finds himself thrust into the limelight as the heir to the throne of Astoria, the last thing he needs is a romantic scandal. Bethany Sinclair has been hired by his mother, the queen, as her stylist. An affair between the two of them is not the kind of scandal anyone needs.
Can they both overcome the obstacles bound to test their very existence to find the happily ever after that desperately needs, yearn for?


What early readers are saying.

The interaction and chemistry between Alex and Bethany kept me turning the pages until the very last page! ~ PatW on BookBub

Sizzling from the very first paragraph all the way to the last sentence! ~ KC Freeman, Romance Author



He hung up and pocketed his phone. It was as if he was on auto-pilot as he advanced toward Beth. “You look gorgeous.”

He couldn’t keep his eyes off her. It wasn’t how he pictured her outside of their Dom/sub relationship. The leather, the stilettos all spoke of a strong and independent woman. He couldn’t deny that it turned him on just as much as the little sub she hid beneath all the clothing and make-up.

“Alex, what are you doing.” She narrowed her eyes and straightened her shoulders as if being less submissive would put him off.

Quite the contrary. Many subs were in control in their daily life. The bedroom was the one place they could allow someone else to take the reins. And it was best that he remembered that. They were compatible in the bedroom, and nowhere else. She had a career that slightly conflicted with his life. They would never work in the real world. Not that he was thinking that way. The last thing he needed was to make their encounter anything more than it actually was. They had good sex and he could see her being a friend. But that was it. Nothing more.

She didn’t lower her eyes or make any attempt to change her posture. He couldn’t help himself. He needed to touch her. He twirled a finger in her long hair. “I didn’t expect you to be this much of a turn on in real life.”

Even he recognised the drop in the tone of his voice. Immediately her eyes dropped and he realised the kind of power he had over her. And the responsibility that went with it. Fear took hold of him at the same time a panic flashed in her eyes. He dropped his hand from her hair but never took his eyes off her.

Beth visibly shook away whatever bothered her and lifted her chin. “Take that shirt off. You’re not going to observe a minute’s silence for your grandfather in a sex rumpled shirt.

She stepped away from him and walked over to one of the built in wardrobes. He did as she said and took off his shirt.

Beth turned around holding a dark grey cashmere sweater and gasped. He couldn’t ignore the way she was looking at his body. It wasn’t simply admiring something she found attractive. No, what he saw was more covetous. And fuck, that had him instantly hard. The knowledge that she wanted him as much as he wanted her, was hotter than the visual of her on her knees in front of him. And that was plenty hot. In two strides he was in front of her. He took the sweater from her and tossed it onto a nearby chair. His hand cupped her head and he brought his lips to hers.

As usual, as soon as their lips met, the rest of the world disappeared. Having Beth in his arms felt right. The world made sense when their bodies melded together. He pulled her closer and allowed her to feel how aroused he was.

Her hands snaked around his waist and up his back, her fingernails digging into his muscle. On a groan she opened her mouth to him and their tongues collided. She took as much as she gave, not at all submissive. He pushed her back until she hit up against the side of a dresser. His first thought was to lift her up to sit on it while he fucked her, then changed his mind. Instead, he flipped her around and bent her over the piece of furniture. “Stretch your arms over and hold the edge.”



Jasmine Bell lives at the beach with her delightful Dom and their little pack of puppies. She loves getting lost in fictional worlds which is why her stories are set on the fictional island of Astoria.


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