New Release: Twisted Debt by Xavier Neal



 Part of Once Upon a Broken Crown Anthology

 A Fairytale Retelling Anthology 

By Xavier Neal

A Limited-Edition Multi Author Collection


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Featuring Twisted Debt by Xavier Neal:


Once upon a time, she was asked to let down her hair.

Little did this princess know, the arrangement she agreed to was going to be much more twisted than the original fairy tale…

Once Upon a Broken Crown Description:

20+ classic tales retold from the minds of best-selling and award-winning authors. Romance like you’ve never imagined, spice that’ll set you ablaze, and adventure that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Everyone deserves a happily ever after—even if it’s twisted.

Participating Authors in this anthology:

Amarie Avant & Xavier Neal

Erin O’Kane

Susana Mohel

Sade Rena

Annie James

Lark Anderson & LJ Anderson

DC Renee

Catharina Maura

Mikki Noble

Kelly N. Jane

Amanda Kimberley & P. Mattern,

Alexandra Silva

Olivia Peters

Katherine L. Evans

Sarah Bale

Taya Rune

Devyn Sinclair

Emma Luna

C. Hallman and Monica Corwin

Sierra Rowan.



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