Review: Supernatural Inmate by Avery Song & Veronica Agnus

Length:430 pages

Published: February 1, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


After pissing off the head of the supernatural lab, failing at befriending my fellow inmates, and pitching a temper tantrum in the underground cafeteria, it was only a matter of time before I had to do something about this whole captivity thing.

For me, Cassandra Thorn, being born as a human, raised by an elite group of supernaturals, and struggling to reach my twentieth birthday was far more fun than this.

Then again, anything would be.

In this case, “this” refers to being taken against my will—kidnapped—and trapped in an underground lab for supernatural shifters. Pretty ridiculous, considering I was a mere mortal.

Or so I was told.

Turns out there are a lot of things I was told, not all of them true. Now a family secret has been revealed and destiny is just waiting for me to fulfill it…but I was stuck in Prison Boringville with a bunch of not-so-friendly detainees.

Being a supernatural inmate isn’t my style, so with the very new powers bestowed upon me, I was getting my booty out of this hellhole. Unless Adonis the sexy incubus, Dominick the deadly fae master, Otis the death-seeking vampire, and Tristan the sly shapeshifter bust me out first.

Supernatural Inmate is the first book in the Supernatural Captivity series, a Paranormal Prison Romance.

My thoughts 💭

Cass believes she’s the only human in a supernatural household. When her life is in danger and secrets and betrayal comes to light she starts to wonder if she’s maybe more than what she’s been told all her life. I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read what’s next for Cass and the guys!

Review: Warrior Fae Princess by K.F. Breene

Length: 394 pages

Published: October 15, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


With Charity’s fate on the line, Devon and his pack must face the perils of the Realm in search of the elusive warrior fae. With no real experience and against some of the most powerful creatures in existence, they are fighting a losing battle.

Thankfully, they don’t have to do it alone.

Knowing what’s at stake, Penny and Emery, the magical powerhouses of the mage world, will lend their aid, trying to sneak Charity in the backdoor.

If they are caught, they’ll all be captured or worse. Much worse.

But to make it means Devon will be forced to make a difficult decision that will change his and Charity’s life forever.

You don’t want to miss this epic conclusion to Devon and Charity’s story!

My thoughts 💭

I enjoyed the book but I did dislike that Devon actually listens to the seer. But it was cute when they were reunited. Devon and the pack gets Charity to the protection of her family. Charity finally comes into her own and she’s awesome. Devon tries to do what’s “best” for Charity but she’s not having that and follows the silly alpha. This book was filled with action, secrets and lies that held my interest from beginning to end!

Fae’s Captive by Lily Archer!

Length: 100 pages


Source: Kindle Unlimited


My college roommate is the worst. Cecile steals my food, brings guys over at all hours, and parties instead of studying. But those quirks pale in comparison to what she does next. She drugs me, and I wake up imprisoned in an alternate universe full of terrifying creatures. Now, the biggest and scariest creature of all–a fae king–believes I’m his mate. He’s freed me from the dungeon but keeps me close. So close, in fact, that I’m beginning to like his wintery gaze and ice-chiseled body. But secrets and villains lurk throughout this new world, and I don’t know if I’ll survive long enough to figure out how to get back home.

Author’s Note: Fae’s Captive is the first book in a series that will set your imagination–and other parts of you–on fire. Mind the cliff, but book 2 is already out.

My Thoughts 💭

Taylor’s horrible roommate drugs her and she ends up in the Fae world with knowledge of the Fae. Taylor meets Lenetia in the dungeons who gives her a brief rundown but Taylor isn’t accepting that she’s now a changeling and she now has a master. That master gives her a wake up call but she soon meets King Leander. Leander knows Taylor is his mate and they have a bit of trouble communicating since he’s forgotten her language and I thought that was cute! He wisks her away since there’s danger and tension between courts but she ends up in even more danger traveling to his court. This short but awesome novella has me totally hooked on Leander and Taylor’s story!