Fae’s Captive by Lily Archer!

Length: 100 pages


Source: Kindle Unlimited


My college roommate is the worst. Cecile steals my food, brings guys over at all hours, and parties instead of studying. But those quirks pale in comparison to what she does next. She drugs me, and I wake up imprisoned in an alternate universe full of terrifying creatures. Now, the biggest and scariest creature of all–a fae king–believes I’m his mate. He’s freed me from the dungeon but keeps me close. So close, in fact, that I’m beginning to like his wintery gaze and ice-chiseled body. But secrets and villains lurk throughout this new world, and I don’t know if I’ll survive long enough to figure out how to get back home.

Author’s Note: Fae’s Captive is the first book in a series that will set your imagination–and other parts of you–on fire. Mind the cliff, but book 2 is already out.

My Thoughts 💭

Taylor’s horrible roommate drugs her and she ends up in the Fae world with knowledge of the Fae. Taylor meets Lenetia in the dungeons who gives her a brief rundown but Taylor isn’t accepting that she’s now a changeling and she now has a master. That master gives her a wake up call but she soon meets King Leander. Leander knows Taylor is his mate and they have a bit of trouble communicating since he’s forgotten her language and I thought that was cute! He wisks her away since there’s danger and tension between courts but she ends up in even more danger traveling to his court. This short but awesome novella has me totally hooked on Leander and Taylor’s story!

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