Nikolai by Shandi Boyes


When opposing sides of the law collide, it isn’t just the rules being broken

What happens when a first-year defense attorney is left alone with a mafia prince? Chaos, turmoil, and sexual friction so great it will melt your kindle and your panties.

Get ready for a fast-paced joyride set to prove it isn’t just blondes who have all the fun. It is the women determined to tame the bad boys.

By tame, we mean stake our claim.

My thoughts 💭

⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

For me it starts off good but then I’m not sure what happened but it was kind of boring. Justine helped Nikolai get on house arrest but accidentally put her address and not his so he ends up staying at her apartment. He invited his crew there and the only places he deemed safe were the kitchen and her bedroom. The chemistry between Justine and Nikolai was good but that was the only interesting thing in this book for me.

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