No Claim by G. Bailey review!


Strength no longer hides in the weak, instead it is shown by the new alpha. Elodie Masters.

Will Elodie be able to make the Alpha brothers kneel and submit?

Or will they go to war?

Elodie Master struggles to learn about her new role, as well as the secrets of her past as she decides how to rule her new pack.

No one wants war, but Elodie cannot forgive the alpha’s who stole her heart.

With war, brings loss and destruction that no one wants. The Alpha brothers aren’t the only wolves Elodie should be running from…

A secret is coming, one that only brings death.

My Thoughts 💭


This was an nice ending to the series. I liked that the issues between Elodie and the alpha brothers were finally solved. I liked River! It was a surprise he became her mate but was a good fit in with the alpha brothers. It did take a while for Elodie to forgive the alpha brothers even after they apologized, told her the truth and explained why they didn’t come to her immediately. I did get tired of her telling them she couldn’t trust them unless they submit to her lol. Overall it was an enjoyable read that flowed well with where the last book left off.

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