Origin (The Vailore Saga Book 1) by A.G. Geir

Published: November 18, 2018

Length: 189 pages

Source: Kindle Unlimited


Synopsis from Goodreads

Candy had just finished her late-night set at Simply Comedy and was relaxing with a cup of coffee at a local diner. She was a creature of habit, and this was her post-show ritual. She would drink coffee, work on her comedy routines, and watch the world go about its business until she was ready to go home. Candy had no reason to believe that this night would be any different until a man approached her table and requested an audience. He was cloaked in shadow, obviously a vampire – a vampire with a story to tell.

This storyteller was no stranger, even though Candy had never met him. He was a famed musician, known only by a single letter – K. K was the enigmatic lead singer and guitarist for the all-vampire band Nocturna. Candy didn’t know much about him, no one did. All aspects of his private life were cloaked in the same shadows that clung to him.

Intrigued, Candy offered him a seat. The story he told would unveil his life and his passion, leading Candy down a path that would shatter her comfortable routine, and change the course of her life forever.

My Thoughts 💭

This was a easy read. K is a vampire who has encountered his Azmuri or spirit song a few times over his long life and she’s finally been born again as Candy. Candy is kind of skeptical about the reincarnation thing but just goes with it since she’s really into K. They are a cute sarcastic couple and I loved their chemistry. K is ready to become mortal and live out his days with Candy so he won’t have to be without her again but his family isn’t ready for him to leave them just yet. He may have been tired but him giving up as grand master would have left all of his people at risk. And it didn’t seem like him becoming mortal would actually let him grow old with Candy.🤷🏾‍♀️. His sons suggested that he have a talk with Candy to see if she’d be willing to be turned. While she was considering being turned a horrible car accident and K’s twin Lilith made the decision for them both. Overall, I liked the book and the characters.

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