Review: Walking The Dawg by Olivia Gaines!


Length: 115 pages

Source: Kindle Unlimited

Buster Padfoot terrorized the community and his owner Dawg wasn’t much better.

Kieran “Dawg” Dunagan wasn’t about to bring his guard dog to heel no matter how much the new neighbor stirred his blood.

Linda Blaine didn’t care for the high handed tactics of her muscled bound neighbor or his predatory pup. She did like the intense spark between them and she looked forward to teaching some manners to both man and beast.

It’s time to visit the new neighbors next door and watch Linda Walking the Dawg.

My Thoughts 💭

This was a cute and funny novella. Dawg is the neighborhood grump but Linda won’t take his or his dog’s mess. She brings them both to heel. Dawg kind of fights it at first but he knows what he wants and that’s his crazy neighbor and her chocolate cake.

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