Review: Knights Of Arcanum Academy by Bella Holiday & Nicole Marie

Length: 285 pages

Published: August 29, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Every school has at least one bully. So, of course, Arcanum Academy has four.

And worse? Not only are they equipped with looks that could kill, but they’ve got magic, too.

Lachlan. Alexander. Sebastian. Gabriel. These boys are strictly off limits. Taboo. So high in a class of their own, I’d be surprised if they even knew my name… Even with me being stuck in each one of their classes.

Not that I care.

The conceited asshats think their god-like bodies, expensive cars and filthy attitudes make them the most desirable beings to ever have had the disprivilege to walk the halls of the Academy. And they act like they have some big secret only they’re good enough to know about.

But I can say that, without a doubt, I’d rather eat dirt than spend time with any one of their elitist boys club, let alone care about their stupid secret.

Because what they don’t know is, I’ve got a secret of my own. One they’d do anything in their power to find out… Including making my life a living hell.

Arcanum Academy is a mature Reverse Harem Bully Romance set in a magic academy in Scotland, with full steam, dangerous magic and mysterious men in kilts that are too hot to handle. Contains foul language and sexual content.

My Thoughts 💭

I really liked this book but I felt it started of kind of slow. Sarah has no knowledge of who she really is. She’s just lost her mother and is sort of guided to attend a magical history school that isn’t what it seems. By the time the action starts its over before you know it lol! It’s a slow burn romance so not much happens between Sarah and her bullies. I’m definitely interested in reading the next book.

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