Review: Kiss The Sky by Elizabeth Briggs

Length:226 pages

Published: July 31, 2018


Source: Kindle Unlimited


To unlock her powers she must mate with four sexy dragon shifters. One down, three to go…

I’m done hiding. I’ve stopped running. And I’ve finally accepted my destiny—to take four dragon shifters as my mates so I can become the next Black Dragon, the wielder of all the elements.

I’ve already bonded with Jasin, my smoldering soldier, and soon I’ll be getting intimate with Auric, my lofty prince, Slade, my grounded blacksmith, and Reven, my frosty assassin. Only then can we become powerful enough to stop the current Dragons, the overlords of our world.

But as we continue our journey, secrets are uncovered about my mates that make me question everything, even as things heat up between us. Yet the greatest secret of all lies in my own past—and it might destroy us completely.

My Thoughts 💭

The second book was just as interesting as the first. I enjoyed reading. Kira has some doubts about becoming the black dragon. She learns something shocking about her parents.

Auric and Jasin working together for Kira was hot. Slade and Reven are kind of coming around and it’s cute. I’m ready for them to be all in!

I’m interested to find out who Kira’s dad is!

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