Review: Ride The Wave by Elizabeth Briggs

Length: 274 pages

Published: February 7,2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


The epic conclusion to the Her Elemental Dragons series!

The Black Dragon and her men may think they’ve defeated me and my mates, but we’re not giving up without a fight. We’re the only ones who can restore balance to the world, even if it means destroying my family in the process. This time we’re taking the battle to them and we will overthrow their oppressive rule—no matter the cost.

But what if the price of victory is my very soul?

Join Kira and her sexy dragon shifter mates in the final battle to save the four Realms!

My Thoughts 💭

This series was amazing. I absolutely enjoyed reading Kira, Jasin, Auric, Slade and Reven’s journey. It was an interesting one for sure. They accomplished everything they set out to do. I loved their happy ending. Reven is definitely my favorite!

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