Review: Broken Magic (Academy Of The Elites #2) by Alexis Calder

Length: 205 pages

Published: November 19,2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


What’s worse than having untamed magic? Not having any magic. My magic is broken after being attacked by the magic thief. And I need it back fast, before she tries again.

I’ll do anything to get it back – including private tutoring with a crazy professor and private time with the sexy billionaire twins – and their mother. FML.

Oh yeah, and according to my parole officer, if I ever do get my magic back and alter time, I’m done for. No pressure.

And I have to do it all without getting distracted by the sexy wolf shifter during a full Yule moon and a hot as hell incubus determined to get out of my dreams and into my pants.

Who knew magic school would be so complicated?

My thoughts 💭

I liked the book but it was like nothing really started happening until the end. Raven was mostly practicing to gain her magic back but it took bonding to one of her mates for it to come back. I was just hoping for more Raven getting to know her mates.

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