Review: The Bravest Hero by Twyla Turner

Length:253 pages

Published: January 1, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


He’s a hero who needs saving…

Royal King is the motorcycle-riding rocker chick of the Curvy Girls Club, who stopped caring about what other people think long ago.

McKennon ‘The Mack’ Carter is a firefighter and fitness model, whose life revolves around trying to be perfect for everyone.

One night on a dark freeway, their lives collide. Left broken and near death, Mack only holds on because of the angel who stays by his side.

He built the perfect life for himself. The life everyone expected him to have. Now, with the loss of his leg, he has to figure out how to piece back together that life when he’s no longer perfect.

The friendship formed during tragedy begins to grow into something more. But Mack has a secret that could push Royal away for good.

Royal and McKennon are up against more odds than most would be willing to deal with. But can the bond they made that night on a lonely stretch of highway be enough to hold them together? Or will it all come burning down?

The Bravest Hero… The highly anticipated follow-up to The Red Scot and 2nd book in the Curvy Girls Club series!

My thoughts 💭

I enjoyed Royal and Mack’s story. Royal was able to break free of her family who wanted her to be anything other than herself. She ends up saving Mack’s life and finds he has a similar situation. They end up falling in love and it was adorable. I loved their chemistry. I also loved their friends!

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