Review: Guns And Graveyards by Katie May

Length: 292 pages

Published: April 23, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


I have blood on my hands.

Blood that isn’t mine.

I had thought I had escaped my past. I had thought I had finally freed myself.

But can you really escape your monsters?

With a gang war looming on the horizon, bodies piling up, and a strange new student claiming ties to the Shadow Man, I find myself looking into my past.

Will I be able to uncover the mysteries surrounding my upbringing and the Shadow Man?

And what if the monster that needs to be stopped is me?

This is a reverse harem slow-burn horror novel. It is the second in a series. This book WILL END IN A CLIFFHANGER. If that bothers you, please wait until all books are released. With this style of series, not all questions will be answered every book, and more might pop up along the way. At the end of the series, there will be a HEA for Cami and her guys.

WARNING: This book contains language, violence, horror themes, and sexual situations that may not be appropriate for people of all ages.

My thoughts 💭

The creepy goodness continues in book 2. That cliffhanger had on the edge of my seat! The guys have accepted they are apart of Cami’s harem and are all in with her and finding answers to why she’s haunted by the shadow man. I enjoyed this book.

I feel like I should say I DNF book 3 of the series. It got uninteresting for me.

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