Review: Bewitch Her by Atlas Rose

Length:244 pages

Published: February 17, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited


“You invade my dreams,” the Hexer growled, the blade under my chin forced my gaze to his. “And crawl under my skin. You make it impossible to have any kind of life, unless it’s a life chasing you.”

Three Hexers hunt the most dangerous creatures on earth…now they’re coming for me.

Paid by a cruel King to track me down, they’ll stop at nothing to take my powers…my purpose…and my will.

But I have a destiny. One hidden from me for my entire life. My future lies in the darkness and the untapped power in my blood.

I will kill who I have to. I will bring this battle to the King’s door.

So why do I find myself falling when these Hexers are near? Why do I find myself longing for more than their bed? I’m more than my desires. More than seduction. More than lust.

I will take from them, and I will leave. Even if leaving is killing me…

For I am descended from the Witch.

My thoughts 💭

I liked this book. One night changes the relationship between a witch and the 3 hexers hunting her. Ever doesn’t let Wilds, Keane or Ristt stop her from her destiny. When the guys realize they want to keep her they decide it’s best for them to help her…when they finally catch her.

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