Review: Lunchtime Chronicles: Double Dipped by Brooklyn Knight

Length: 95 pages

Published: April 1, 2020


Source: Kindle Unlimited



You can run, but you can’t hide from me, mama. The cat and mouse game is what I do for a living: I chase criminals and apprehend them. But you ain’t no criminal, Candy. The only thing you’re guilty of is giving me a taste and expecting it to be enough. I can help you, if you’ll let me. I can clear this mess up – but for the love of God, don’t try and run from me, because one dip in your sensual pool just ain’t enough for this cowboy. I need more. I need it all.


You say you came to meet up with me and then you reveal the truth: that you’re a bounty hunter and you know my darkest secret. Of course, I’m going to bolt. It doesn’t matter that your rugged cowboy looks and firm hand completely undo me. Thanks to my traumatic past, I can’t trust you! Don’t look for me, Trigger, and definitely don’t come to back to Atlanta for me. You took one dip and I survived; but if you double dip, there’s no way I’ll be able to resist you.

My thoughts 💭

I liked this book! Trigger knew he wanted Candy and didn’t let her go. One taste wasn’t enough for the cowboy! This was a steamy and sweet read.

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