Lunchtime Chronicles: The Bento Box by Olivia Gaines

Length: 87 pages

Published: October 1, 2019


Source: Kindle Unlimited


Koji Okada’s plan to convince Dr. Trista Hathaway to purchase his latest app included a long weekend and high end romancing.

The surprise is on him when he shows up at her doorstep and Trista turns the table to ensure he gets a large serving of his own meal.

Love on the go becomes synonymous with this pair as they snack their way through love in the Bento Box.

My thoughts 💭

Koji and Trista were cute! Koji thought he was going to wine and dine his way into getting what he wanted. Trista knew what was going on and shocked him by suggesting they just enjoy each other and proceeded to rock his world. This was an end quick read.

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